Snow Shader (Pro)

by Blender CG Art in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Snow Shader Pro & Lite.

Unlimited Highly Detailed.

We can see clearly how much of a value having Microdisplacement is here.

Not Only Snow.

You can change your color. You know white, black, red, blue or any color.

Texture vs Snow Shader (Pro) Memory.

UV Unwrapped UV Sphere Mesh. Snow shader (pro) uses low memory, uses (174.94mb) textures.

Easy To Use.

Color,Bump,Glossy,Displacement,Gen Scale,Vector easy to understand & use.

Not Used Particles Hair

This image render uses only snow shader (Pro) color changed.

Snow Tree.

Normal tree to snow tree transform in only Blender (Snow Shader Pro)

Pro has it all. Lite doesn't have color ports only main color. 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

If you have any problems, please contact [email protected] 

How to Use.

1 .Open Your Scene.

2 .Go to File Append.

3 .Find Snow Shader Blend File.

4 .Go to NodeTree.

5 .Snow NodeTree Append. 

6 .Go to Your Node Editor.

7 .Shift+A Groups Snow.

8 .Connect Vector to Texture Coordinate.

9 .And Enjoy.

10.If You Have Any Problem Please Contact :- [email protected]

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  • Marc Draco about 2 months ago

    First impressions, this is absolutely wonderful. The only reason to give it 4/5 is the lack of adequate documentation. I'm rather at a loss (so far) as to how they did the gloves and the tree examples. Really enjoying the effect - probably could use some Subsurface scattering I suspect, although this is bound to increase render time.

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