Smart Shaders: Vol.1

by Blue Inversion in Materials, Shaders, Textures

I'm hyped to announce the launch of Smart Shaders Pack: Vol.1

But before that here's a story about me...

Years back when I was slowly getting started in 3D and blender, I just couldn't get my renders right !

They looked unbelievably fake. I was missing something. I would look at jaw-dropping architectural renders (especially interiors and kitchens) and get blown away.

These artists had tons of clients and I just wanted to find the mistake I was making. After long hours of work, I found out what I was doing wrong was shaders! They weren't as cool as they are supposed to be.

So, I switched to learning mode and here I am after 2 years, with a free materials page which has reached exactly 21859 people all over the world in just one year !

Surprising right?

The learning period of these two years was super tough and straining. It was frustrating and painful at the same time.

So, today I'm presenting the Smart Shaders Pack: Vol. 1 to ensure, you don't need to suffer and just focus on your art and assignments.

Get the models and lights in place and you are good to go ;)

Why Smart Shaders?

I mean, honestly, why not !?

1. It's Procedural mate

If you had been thinking a few minutes ago, that these shaders are so simple to create. Just slap a texture and render! Yay!

So, here's a little clarification for misconceptions: These do not contain a single image texture at all

All the nine shaders are completely procedural. Which means, you don't need to worry about:

UV Unwrapping
Small Textures (These procedural textures can be infinitely large in size)

2.  What else do you need, it's photorealistic !

All these shaders have been created with lots of references.

They are perfect with any kind of environment to give you surprisingly realistic renders to keep your audience/clients in awe!

If you zoom in and look carefully, there are some microscopic details like scratches, grains and even oil stains in some of the materials.

These will help you be ready to face any shader requirements.

3. Easy to manage

Most of the shaders available in the market have huge node groups and are so messed up !
I feel, without being able to control directly from the side menu/ side panel in the Blender UI it's absolutely boring.

So, I have provided 15

(on an average) custom settings for each shader, some even have more than  40, which can be changed right in the properties panel on the right!

So, it's really helpful to save you from the nightmares of  complex node factories!


4. Highly (I mean super-highly) flexible

These shaders have been created with careful analysis of each settings so that you can change and tweak all possible characteristics of a shader.

Even you can change the thickness of the scratches in some of the shaders (That's how flexible these shaders are).

5. Organized to prevent insanity


I know there must be some shader-nerd hiding out there.

Don't worry, once you expand the parent node group, you'll find well organized  smaller node groups which have been connected to each other in meaningful and explained ways.

I guarantee you can learn a lot just going through these node setups.


Smart Shaders Vol. 1


It consists of 9 photorealistic procedural shaders with 15 custom settings (each) on an average.

They are mostly arch-viz shaders:


1.  Oak
2.  Brazilian Cherry
3.  Wood Paint


1.  Brushed Aluminium
2. Bronze
3. Galvanized metal



1.  Marble (tiled)
2. Glass (rough)
3. Honey



-Sayan (Boundless Blending)