Sky Environment Shader

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Sky environment shader

Let me introduse - full procedural Sky Environment!

Node based environment shader for Cycles render.

Idea - create One shader which will be allow get many various of sky surfaces & create trnsition between day & night.

It can be useful for cartoon. You can get different types & results of sky surfaces, stars & weather mood transitions. Aslo you can create timelaps sky background. 

Other function - use ready rendered background & sky environment fo quick day/night transition (details in demo & manual)

Fell free!


  • Fully procedural

  • Ready fo VR (

  • Create custom Sky surfaces

  • Item include color presets for sky colors

  • Use special socket for addition rendered background

  • Quick transition: day/night & weather mood

  • Fully costomisable

  • Any scale, give clarity & clear result (zoom 100%-200% - no matter :)

  • А variety of results

Аpplication area:

  • timelaps sky

  • сartoon

  • animation & VFX


To right setup of node connect :

  1. In your scene File -> Append (shift+F1) -> Select “Sky_shader.blend”->

    1. World-> “Sky_Environment_shader” to load already setup world shader;

    2. Go to Node Editor -> World & select “Sky_Environment_Shader”

    3. Tweak Mapping nodes to controll & animate clouds;

    4. Use Sky’s Presets to change color mude or Use Sky Texture + Color correction nodes to add custom values

  2. To swich between Day/Night use appropriate swicher 

  3. In Node Compositor -> Compositing use Stars Glow node for add Glow effect & animate it, when you will be render day-night transition.

  4. If you have already rendered environment without clousd (alpha channel) use:

    1. Background Day socket for day scene

    2. Background Night socket for night scene (you can do night scene using curver & day scene, like in movies

    3. Background alpha - for masking background & Sky Environment Shader)


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