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NOTE: Version 1.1.0 now available. Now includes support for materials that mix Emission and Principled BSDF. Lots of bugfixes

NOTE: Version 1.0.5 now available. Now includes mesh export (see below)


Blender 2.8 provides a very powerful way to create complex PBR materials by using nodes. However, what should be a simple process of baking and exporting these materials for use with other software or systems (Substance Painter, Sketchfab, Unity etc.) is surprisingly difficult.

SimpleBake aims to address this problem. SimpleBake is an addon / tool that provides a one-click solution for baking PBR maps from materials created in Blender 2.8.

As a bonus, SimpleBake will also bake ColourID maps as well as the "traditional" Cycles bake modes. More details below.

Designed for Blender 2.8

Key Features

  1. Easily bake PBR textures for export to, Substance Painter, 3D Coat, Unity and other software and services;
  2. Easily bake a ColourID map for use in programs such as Substance Painter (random colour per texture);
  3. Easily bake any of the "traditional" Cycles bake modes (Combined, Subsurface, Glossy etc.). Simplebake takes care of all the setup;
  4. Generate a new UV map if needed, or bake to a UV map of your choosing; and
  5. Automatically save baked files externally.
  6. Automatically export your mesh with a single material and single UV map for instant upload to Sketchfab and similar

How to use

You will find SimpleBake in the render settings tab in the properties panel.

To bake, select the objects you want to bake in the viewport, select your options and then hit bake!

PBR Map Bake

Just select the PBR textures that you want, and hit bake.

IMPORTANT: You can have as many objects and as many materials, as you want in the bake, however, all materials on all objects must be using one of the following as the shader. Any other configuration will be ignored:

  • a single Principled BSDF shader;
  • a single Emission shader; OR
  • a single Principled BSDF shader and Emission shader mixed with a Mix Shader node.

To be clear, you can use as many nodes as you like to provide inputs to those shaders. This is essence of creating PBR materials in Blender.

ColourID Bake

This will bake a random colour to each material on your model. This is for when you are using an application (like Substance Painter) that makes use of ColourID maps to isolate different parts of your model for texturing.

Cycles Bake

The "traditional" modes of baking. This will bake as per whatever settings you have in the Cycles bake panel (usually the panel above SimpleBake itself). 

SimpleBake will still take care of setting up all the images and materials, cycling through all your selected objects, generating new UVs and saving externally (if you have selected those options).

Other Settings

Optionally, set the desired image size and whether or not you want new UVs to be generated and/or the images to be saved to external files (guide below).

As of v1.0.5, you can now also export your mesh with a single UV map and single texture per object. This is the best format in which to upload to services like Sketchfab.

See the guide in the full documentation for more details.


See the full documentation for SimpleBake.

Please see the full documentation published here:

(also available in the add-on itself)

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