Sidewalk - Modul System

by blackboxcorp in Models

Technical Information

Every single object is sculpted and baked down to a 4k Normal Map.
Real world measurements (metric)
Two atlas textures - Diffuse, Specular and a Gloss Map are included (4k Resolution)
The plates and curbstones are separately grouped for easy importing to your scene
Very easy and user friendly shader - nothing fancy
The file does not contain extraneous or hidden objects or HDRI images for lighting setup.
13 Objects Polycount
1x1 plate: 33
4x1 plate: 33
Corner plate: 69
Subsidence Plate: 75
1x1 curbstone: 46
4x1 curbstone: 54
Drain curbstone: 65
Subsidence curbstone: 94
Corner curbstone: 86