Shopping Cart

by Johnson Martin in Models

Fully Detailed Shopping Cart

Fully detailed and shaded, this cart model is perfect for any scene. Including three shape keys allows for full control over functions and allowing for support for stacking of the cart. Textures are also included for the warning label on the cart for improved realism.

Shape Keys for Fast Control.

This model contains 3 shape keys for easy and fast control over basic functions. One for the basic position. Another for a closed child seat, and lastly one with the back portion lifted for stacking of carts.


  • Shopping Cart Model with Cycles Materials. (21,352 verts and to Scale)
  • Warning Label Texture. (2048x1024)
  • Preview Renders. (1200x600)

Using in your scene:

First go to File>Append>Group. Then select the "Shopping Cart" group and click Append.

Using the Shape Keys:

First go the "Object Data" tab in the properties panel. Open the Shape Keys panel. Un-Mute (Eye icon) the shape keys from the top down until the desired shape is displayed.

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