Set Of Curtains - 5 Types / 4 Curtains Colors, 15 Drapery Colors

by 3D SHAKER in Models

Hi guys,
we are 3Dshaker and we have started an interesting collaboration with Alexander Happy. He is a talented 3Ds Max user, who is specialized in 3D modeling, we decide to join forces and start creating realistic 3D models for you.

This model is created and adjusted to work in Blender 2.79 - cycles and is also compatible with Eevee. 

Used Principled BSDF material shader. This model is great for archviz scenes. Nice mesh great for windows and details - plane with cat included :)  

The file consists of:

- blend file format- renders- textures

- HDRI map- license information

- model of 5 types of curtains / 4 curtains colors, 15 drapery colors + cat :) 

Hope you will enjoy it!

Thanks for supporting us and the Blender community!