Set Local Axes

by 3D OPERATORS in Scripts and Addons


This is the Set Local Axes addon for Blender 2.8 and further releases. The ultimate tool for resetting an object's local axes.


Ever wanted to set an object's local axis to a face normal? Or parallel to an edge? Ever encountered an object that had it's local axes messed up and you wanted to reset them? Or you wanted to copy the local axes of an object to another? Look no further. This addon helps you to re-orient the local axes exactly how you want them.


Resetting local axes according to three methods:

* MANUAL METHOD: Redefine a local axis to the normal of a specified face or vertex, or parallel to an edge or two vertices. Let the addon compute the remaining two local axes to create an orthogonal system, or define a second local axis perpendicular to the first, using another face, edge or vertex. In the last case, the addon computes the remaining axis.

* COPY LOCAL AXES: Copy the local axes of an object to another. This can be a mesh object, but also Plain Axes or Arrows.

* AUTOMATIC METHOD: Experimental setting that computes the best fitting local axes, based on vertex distribution in the mesh.

Furthermore, some general settings of the local axes can be changed.

* GENERAL SETTINGS: Invert a certain axis (e.g. X to -X), or remap the system (e.g. XYZ to ZYX).

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