Selection Sets Addon

by johnnygizmo in Scripts and Addons

Selection Sets is an Addon for Blender that provides lightweight adhoc object grouping.


The internal Blender group function is a powerful tool,but there are times where you want to group items without cluttering up the "group space" of your Blend file.

Set Creation

Selection Sets allows for the creation of unlimited sets of objects that can be easily added and deleted as needed. Sets can be renamed as needed Sets can have objects added and removed with a simple click. Objects can exist in any number of groups

Set Actions

Sets of objects can: have their viewport visibility  toggled have their render time visibility toggled If your set needs to be used as a Blender group, it can be promoted with another simple click.


Version History

  Version 1.3 When an item was removed from a set, the top item was removed, not the selected item.

  Version 1.2 When selecting sets of 1 object, active object was not set. Now, first object in set becomes active object on select.

  Version 1.1 Groups created from sets inherit the set name

  Version 1.0 Initial Release


Future Plans

Once users get a chance to use selection sets, I am eager to get their feedback for enhancements to Selection Sets to make it as useful as possible!


  • From the file menu, choose "User Preferences"
  • Click on the "Addons" Menu
  • Click on the "Install from file"
  • Browse to downloaded file
  • Once loaded up, click the checkbox to activate the addon
  • Click "Save User Settings" to save your changes

Usage Screenshot 2014-08-04 21.58.47 In edit mode, in the tool shelf, in the Tools tab, there will be a new panel called selection sets. When you have one or more objects selected in the 3d view, click the + sign next to the "sets" box. This will add a new set of objects comprised of the objects you just selected.     Screenshot 2014-08-04 22.01.12 To select the objects in a set, click on the set name. You can rename a set by double clicking on it. The greyed out camera will turn off renderability for all objects in the set and the regular camera will turn on renderability. The greyed out eye will hide all selected objects and the eye will show them. The bottom group button will turn the currently selected set into a blender group. You can delete the group by clicking the - button next to the sets. You can add extra items to a set by selecting more objects and clicking the + next to the items box. You can remove an item from a set by choosing it in the items list and clicking the - button.

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  • Steve Masterson 8 months ago

    Useful and to the point

  • Naptown Hero 8 months ago

    It works like it's supposed to. I like it.

  • tcwik over 2 years ago

    Very useful.

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