Scene Filler

by Alexander in Scripts and Addons

Scene Filler - addon for Blender, which lets you draw objects into your scenes!

With Scene Filler your workflow will be much faster and easier, as never before. Just select object as source and draw!

What is it for?

The addon is made for easily placing objects in your scenes.
Do you need to create a landscape with grass, trees, and rocks? Do you need to place furniture in your interior scene? Are you making a game and you need to create the environment or to place any other objects? You can use Scene Filler for all that stuff, instead of placing objects manually!


You can spend several hours placing the objects how you need. But, you can use Scene Filler to save your time and do your work enjoying it. Simply you just need to select an object as source and you are ready to draw! But of course, the addon has a lot of other cool features, that you can see below (and of course new features will be added with new releases)

Version 0.7:

  • Add and delete objects like drawing or erasing them with a brush
  • Use as source a single object or a group of objects
  • You have 3 slots to draw, each slot has Object and Group source field
  • Brush behaviour (brush size and brush density)
  • 2 placing modes (Canvas only - draw only on non-added objects, All - draw everywhere)
  • 3 snap modes (No - draw everywhere, Vertex - objects will be placed onto vertices of the canvas object, Face - objects will be placed onto polygons of the canvas object)
  • Use constant or random rotation and scale
  • Make objects' data single-user
  • Add all new objects to a group
  • Place objects using physics
  • Use constant or random mass and friction (Physics calculation)
  • Use 2 collision shape types - Mesh or Convex hull (Physics calculation)

How to install

  • You need to have Blender 2.79 (Blender versions 2.7+ might work as well but are untested)
  • Install it in User Preferences by installing from file

How to use?

See on the Documentation tab

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How to use?

You can draw onto objects' surfaces, so firstly you need the object you will draw on. Then choose an object as source in Object source field, also you can choose a group of objects in Group source field, setup other parameters, press Draw! and draw!


  • Change current slot - 1/2/3
  • Draw from Object source - LMB
  • Draw from Group source - RMB
  • Delete objects - CTRL+LMB
  • Place cursor - CTRL+RMB
  • Cancel - ESC
  • Align view to the last added object - NUMPAD_PERIOD
  • Align view to cursor - CTRL+NUMPAD_PERIOD
  • Start/Pause physics calculating - P
  • Stop physics calculating - CTRL+P
  • Change placing mode - C/A
  • Change snap mode - V/B/N

Parameters of the addon:

  • Object source - an object you will draw with
  • Group source (optionally) - a group of objects you will draw with
  • Current slot - current slot used for drawing
  • Brush size - how big is th brush
  • Brush density - how many objects per click will be placed
  • Canvas only/All - placing modes
  • No/Vertex/Face - snap modes
  • Rot X/Y/Z - rotation for X/Y/Z axes
  • Use random rotation for X/Y/Z axis
  • Scale - scale of placed objects
  • Use random scale
  • Obj & Data - make object's data single-user for each new added object
  • Mat & Tex - make object's materials and textures single-user for each new added object
  • Anim - make object's animations single-user for each new added object
  • Add to group - add each new object to a group
  • Mass - the mass of each new object
  • Friction - friction for each new object
  • Use random mass
  • Use random friction
  • Mesh/Convex hull - the type of collision shape for objects

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