Scatter - The Scattering Tool Of Blender 2.8

by BD3D in Scripts and Addons

What is Scatter?

Scatter is the First of its kind scattering solution for blender 2.8. Its simply the Simplest, Fastest, Complete and most Powerful scattering plugin for b3d. 

Archviz, Environment and Concept artists will know that the native blender scattering workflow is slow, laborious and repetitive: Creating a new particle system, new collections, new vgroups, new textures, searching for various hidden sliders.. over and over again. That's why we needed a proper universal scattering solution , easy to use, with some great results instantaneously, providing important missing scattering features for your needs, like an universal proxy system, camera clipping, batch operation, scattering presets.. (see all features right below !)

Scatter is engineered to boost your productivity and creativity like never before, offering innovative revolutionary tools and features, tons of additional free content like 40 scattering presets,  15 one-click to deploy multi-layered ecosystems called "biomes" and shipped with the addon and additional free ground materials.

Once you try it you will not go back, Scatter will simply save you hours over hours of boring work while offering you a library additional content constantly updating.

Smart Interface
The scattering workflow of blender has been completely redesigned.      
Everything is now in one and only place.
No need of constantly going back and forth in multiples panels and editors searching for hidden options.
Heavy Automation
Scatter is mainly an automation addon. A few clicks in Scatter may save you hours of work.              
Creating a simple lawn particle system in blender native workflow takes literally 50 steps. only 3 are required in Scatter, even less if you want pathways and camera clipping.
Premade Presets
With Scatter, You will first choose your distribution preset, select the assets you'd like to Scatter, then hit on the "Scatter" button. It's as simple as that.                                                       40 Presets are at your disposal, covering a vast array of different scattering needs. 
Particle Density
The big problem with blender particle system is the particle count. We are forced to manually adjust the count and hope for the desired density.

Not anymore! Scatter can set particles per /m² /km²... 
Security Features
It can be really easy to freeze your computer to death in a particle system. Created too many particles? too much geometry? *Crash*.

Fortunately, Scatter has security features that will prevent you from freezing in most cases.
Premade Ecosystems 
Scatter has a Biome Management system. In only one click, you can create a photoreal biome made from multiple layers of different plant species.

Creating a lawn for your archviz scene, literally, has never been that easy. there's 30 Premade lawn & ecosystems waiting for you.
Batch Ops & Randomize
Quickly select and batch change multiple settings at once with the batch functionality.

You can also batch randomize some settings to iterate your design in no time.
Optimized to the core
While working with particles you will need to keep your viewport lag-free as much as possible.  That's why assets from Scatter manager are extremely optimized, and why Scatter proposes multiple optimization features like proxies, automatic display percentage switching & camera clipping. Your computer will thank us later.
Multi-Layer Painting
With the traditional particle painting method, we are forced to use one Vgroup at the time..

in Scatter you can easily create a Vgroup that will have an influence on multiple systems and start painting particles right away.
Bezier Pathways
Scatter has a «Bezier-Boolean» toolset that will help you create paths following bezier-curves in one click.

Really handy for concepting your area as it’s totally non-destructive and user-friendly.
Camera Clipping
Designing a huge environment can be really challenging without any camera clipping.

Fortunately, Scatter proposes a solution to this problem with a new non-destructive camera clipping & distance culling tool.
LOD System
 Blender doesn't come shipped with a proper proxy/lod system.                                                           That's where "Lodify" comes in need. It's a brand new universal and fully-fledged standalone LOD/proxy system
Extra Tools
Aligning the particle in the Y-axis and moving the origin for each and every scattered meshes is long, boring and mandatory.

That’s why Scatter has some dedicated tools for those tasks. Only two clicks and the meshes are ready to be used!
User-based Library
Do you want to create your own Scattering presets and custom Ecosystems?  No problem! In only one click, Scatter will save your Presets, fully export your biomes settings & objects. You only need to care about creating a nice thumbnail to go with it ;-) 
Youtube Tutorials
Scatter has tutorials and videos available for you! Knowledge right at your disposal.

Links in the documentation tab.
Pioneering Accuracy
Due to a blender design decision,  your particle position in the viewport will occasionally not be on the same position than in the final render.                                             Fortunately, Scatter counter this with an "Accurate Preview" function.
Easy Displacement
Creating natural Displacement on your terrain surface is important for realism.    That's why Scatter is shipped with some handy and fast displacement tools. Generating a displacement either procedurally or via a heightmap is ultra-fast.   
For the sake of Archviz
Working with natural environments natively within blender is quite a challenge without a proper scattering toolset and proxies. As an archviz/environmental artist, I knew what was needed for our specific workflow. The whole concept of Scatter is to facilitate our work. 

Changelogs Season1 Update:
  • Added 4 new Scattering Presets (1 new simple blue preset and 3 new black presets dedicated for scattering small object like Assets from Grass Essentials for example)
  • Added 1 New fresh-cut lawn biome. (+3 new winter biomes if you missed the Christmas special event) 
  • Added 10 ground Materials in the manager.
  • Overall way better UI experience (new color system, scroll bar, icons, panel organization, buttons).
  • New Biome manager categories, choose what you'd like to see between an AIO, layers, material, assets, or everything.
  • New Biome manager hides/lower display percentage/toggle proxy on creation options.
  • Compatibility with Graswald systems. (enable the export panel in preference, if you have GW)
  • The old Proxy system of Scatter is now a standalone universal addon called "Proxify" that can also generate proxy and work with animations, will also add the option to remove a proxy. Proxify is integrated in Scatter Tweaking panel, but can also be found in   *object>viewport display*  for more accurate operations/tweaks.
  • New statistic tab, quickly generates an information sheet of all the Scatter particle systems of the scene with info of Particle count and polycount per particles. 
  • Enabled Preset and Biome user Creation. 
  • New Terrain tools, easily use or generate terrain using a heightmap, get a clean border in a few clicks, or add procedural noises easily.  (see above).
  • Better and easy to use grooming tools. 
  • Better Viewport particle position accuracy. (see above) that also give accurate refresh when moving a boolean curve or camera that is clipping/culling the particles. 
  • Material optimization when Scatter models are appended. (material instancing not support by blender appending)
  • New particle Scale slider.
  • Rework of some assets and materials.
  • Added support for batch rename, delete, redraw, select/deselect all.
  • New extra tools for quickly batch changing the selected object origin
  • Support for multi scenes workflows.
  • Added new (batch) multiply or divide count by a custom number.

Changelogs Season2 Update:
  • Installation is much more simple, install Scatter as zip and it’s done. The biome library is no more in the default script/preset path, but in script/addon. (please remove old scatter versions before installing the new one).
  • General UI reworks with a clear header/sub-header system + custom dedicated icons.
  • In each sub-header, for each feature of Scatter, there’s a new documentation operator, that will show you infos and tips about the concerned feature.
  • The texture feature got it’s own panel now, called “Clustering”, with a better workflow, randomization options and batch operations.
  • The main particle-list/selection area where all p-systems are located got an overhaul, the selection is now similar to the viewport, with shift-click to select multiple psys at the same time. There’s also a new handy alt-click to isolate (that can be combined with shift if needed).
  • Custom preset and biome creation got a rework.
  • Better msg delivery system.
  • “On Creation Options” got a workflow/GUI rework with new settings.
  • Fixed some bugs due to default name data translation if enabled.
  • I created a custom category system in the manager. there’s a new folder inside __biome__ called __categories__ where you can edit the categories of the biome manager easily. this will bring the possibility of external content to be created, so you could install additional external biome package just as an addon.
  • New ALTITUDE feature, add altitude layers with influences over x or y particles, while having full control over your falloff with curve-mapping tweaking modifiers and min/max altitude sliders in real-time.
  • New SLOPE feature, add slope layers with influences over x or y particles, while having full control over your falloff with curve-mapping tweaking modifiers and min/max slope degree sliders in real-time.
  • New BORDER feature, remove y particles x meters away from border procedurally, and replace them by z particles, for some really clean edges.
  • Performance boost for features that are managing modifiers (painting/boolean curves/slope/altitude/border/clipping).
  • New “hide all particles” operator available within the operator search menu.
  • New Curve mapping presets/functions.
  • Better Displacement Border workflow, with custom falloff control.
  • Upgraded the multilayer painting system and boolean curve system. Now each layers influences will have it’s own reverse ability.
  • Upgraded the Boolean Curve system, have full control over the curve falloff.
  • The statistic panel got a huge upgrade, it’s now real-time, and it’s precisely calculating the particles count on render or on viewport depending on multiple factors (modifier enabled on viewport or render, particle viewport display %, number of children on display/render). it also does an approximation of the polycount displayed in the viewport so you can have a clear indication which particle system may be problematic.
  • The batch panel now got active sliders instead of batch buttons.
  • Replaced "Proxify "with “Lodify”, a custom universal free LOD system, with infinite level of detail support, custom model shown on viewport/rendered view/render and the ability to use this feature as a mesh backup solution.
  • POINT CLOUD will be introduced as a beta this season.