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The Ever-Growing Procedural Materials Library for Blender!



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Asset Browser Edition also included
More than 9.000 users
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Currently 247 high quality procedural materials. The list will keep growing every month
32 Shader Tools to create and modify your own materials

Top Quality Procedural Materials

Recent Additions

Stone Wall
Old Wood Planks

Old Brick Wall

Desert Stone Floor

Stone Tiles Floor

You can now bake the materials in a few clicks

This allows you to use the materials on other software like Unreal Engine and also use multiple
materials on a scene without slowing down the viewport.

New floating menu panel

Lots of adjustable parameters

Overlays are only for demonstration purposes, the controls are in the Node Groups

Easy to use

Asset Library version without the need to install the addon

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Sanctus Library addon reviews

Asset Browser Version

If you prefer not to install the addon you can use the Asset Browser Ready version

Cycles Glass with fake Caustics and Dispersion


Architectural Glass

There are icons to help identify if a material is for Cycles or EEVEE

The color: green, yellow, red is for the processing time
If a render engine is recommended they have a letter: e for eevee and c for cycles
if the material works in both it will have no letters.
If it needs displacement the icon has dents. 

Other materials included in the Full version:

Author and Material Artist: Sanctus
Addon Developer: Kolupsy

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Sales 9000+
Customer Ratings 48
Average Rating
Dev Fund Contributor
Published 8 months ago
Software Version 3.1, 3.2
Render Engine Used cycles, eevee
License Royalty Free
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