Real Time Motion Graphics

by Midge "Mantissa" Sinnaeve in Training

Take your Blender & Eevee motion graphics skills to the next level with RTMG.

Over 11 hours of training covering procedural modeling, quick animation techniques, shading tricks, lighting tips, Eevee optimizations and more!

RTMG is aimed at Motion Designers and Visual Artists who want to learn about new techniques to quickly generate ideas and produce great looking renders at breakneck speed. The focus is on Eevee, and what you can achieve with a moderately powerful gaming laptop and a bit of creativity.

This course assumes basic Blender knowledge, so I wouldn’t recommend it for complete beginners and people just getting in to the software.

The course is broken up in to the following sections:


Learn how customize Blender so you can really make it yours and fit it to your workflow. There’s a lot to be gained from digging in to Blender’s settings.


The focus here is mostly on modeling with modifiers and vertex weights, which is a great way to generate ideas and experiment.


Blender has a lot to offer when it comes to automating animation to keep things fast and simple. We also look at looping all kinds of animations and simulations, which is a great way to get acquainted with caching and optimising animation.


This chapter talks about quick ways to set up materials and complex patterns, with some Eevee specific information to get to most out of your material setups.


Get the most out of Eevee by learning how to make it look good and optimise your scenes to render as fast as possible. Then finish things by either adding some post-production in Blender or preparing your renders for other applications.


This chapter focuses on project creation and scene breakdowns to apply everything that’s been explained in the previous chapters. Practical examples that build on the knowledge you’ve gained during the course.

Be sure the check out the Documentation for the full list of videos!

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