Root Motion

by CELPEC in Scripts and Addons

Do i need it?

First reason:It has bone rename kit,you can rename all bones by one click.

Second reason:If you are making game,It's a good tool to create root motion bone.Your time will be saved a lot.It has performed well in Godot.

Third reason:Continously update and feature appending!

This addon foucs on game production,It have been good used in Godot.So if you have root motion

Main Features :

1、Quickly add a root bone

2、Apply root bone to  an or all actionl action

3、Calculate each animation size so will not exceeded 

4、Bones Rename kit,and Import/Export Rename rules from/to files

update log:

0.05 Add feature:

    1:Add option to apply hips' XYZ motion to root bone.Now you can choose whether to use Z-direction motion.


0.0.4 Add feature:

    1: Add Regular expression for rename Searching box,now you can write a regular expression replacing letter such as:   ^Spine$  .And if you use  only letter is ok:  Spine  .But this will also replace name like   Spine00  .

    2: Add the same button as the previous "add" and "apply rule list",so if you have too much rules will not need to slide to find the last one.

    3: Add "+" button in each rule box,so you can add rule below the current rule box.And the "y" button means you can just apply current the one rule when clicking it.

0.0.3 Add feature:

    1: Bones Rename

    2: Saving rename rules and Dynamic add rename rules

    3: Export/Import Rename rules from files

0.0.2 Add feature: 

    Calculate each animation size to ensure that the animation size will not exceeded

    Bug Fix:  Some errors caused when the skeleton is not activated