Rigged People Sixpack 003

by Humanoid in Models

A pack of six different figures in realistic style. 

These figures are made for easy high-speed rendering and low memory usage.
They have approx 15.000 triangles per figure and use only one single texture for color.


- all figures are rigged and contain the A pose and two casual poses each.
- with blenders retargeting system you can apply your own motions or motion capture data.
- all Figures have unique namespaces and are organized into their collection, so you can easily merge them together into one scene.


In this package, you get the 6 blend files for blender 2.83.1 and above, as well as 6 color textures in png format at 4k as well as 8k resolution.

5% of all sales are automatically contributed to the blender development fund.