Rigged California Kingsnake

by Dibia Digital in Models

Rigged game ready California kingsnake model created to match the reptile's real world scale, shape, skin scales and colours as accurately as possible. Setup with PBR textures in Blender 2.80, ready for animation and rendering with eevee and cycles.

The model has clean topology and non overlapping UV. Most suitable for close up vfx shots and renders, animation and real time projects.

Default render set up is eevee but can be switched to cycles. 


- Rigged and Animated

- Faces: 4800

- Vertices: 4795

- Triangles: 9552

-Texture Resolution: 4K

- PBR Materials and Textures

- Texture maps Included: Albedo, Normal Map, Roughness

- 8 Shape Keys

- 2 Rig Variants

- Unity and UE4 PBR Texture Maps Included

- 74 Bones

- Photoshop CS6 Texture Map Template

The model is rigged with bones only and comes in two rig variants. The FK rig is for quick FK animation and poses while the IK rig is for animation along a path/spline. Spline or path setup is not provided.