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Render+ is a Blender addon that makes rendering easier and more powerful. I started writing this addon because I wanted to automate more of my workflow without having to fiddle with too many settings or writing specific code. That's why Render+ is designed to put as much power in your hands with the simplest interface possible.  



Advanced Stats

Render+ keeps track of your rendertimes so you don't have to.  Useful metrics like the average, slowest and fastest frame time help you improve your scenes. While the estimated remaining let's you plan ahead.  You can also export these stats to a CSV file to use with spreadsheet software and databases.

Batch Rendering

Work more efficiently by setting up your renders and starting them with one click. The batch panel provides an easy interface to setup render jobs for any scene and override the camera, render layer, frame(s) and size. Also included is a powerful autogenerate tool that can create render jobs automatically, so you can also work faster.

Include any scene from any blend file. Tweak any property in the scene using Custom Overrides. Use the RSS feature to monitor your batch remotely from any device. Render+ can adapt to any workflow.

Notifications & Power off

You have better things to do than watch the tiles fill up. Stay on top of your renders with desktop, email and sound notifications. Render+ can also turn your computer off (or set it to sleep) when it's done rendering. So you can go for a walk or finally get some sleep yourself.  

And more

  • Autosave image renders
  • Use all 3D view layers when rendering
  • Run commands and scripts after/before render
  • Slots menu in the render panel (they can be named too!)
  • One-click OpenGL renders


What's new

Current version is 1.7 (bugfix & polish). Check the full changelog in the docs.

Changelog for 1.0

  • Much better UI (using inital states and panel modes instead of popups)
  • Lots of small improvements to the batch workflow (scene details and output are autofilled when you create a new job, name collision works perfectly and more!)
  • New settings for OpenGL renders (formerly "Preview Renders")
  • Autogenerate is now called Quick Batch and is much easier to find and use
  • Support for large renders (using Quick Batches)
  • Color Looks Quick Batch (render every look in the color management panel)
  • Use a specific GPU per job (or CPU)
  • Number of samples per job (Cycles only)
  • A tool to change outputs for all jobs automatically according to certain options
  • The batch panel can now show stats from the previous batch
  • Batches can now use the Power off and notification settings. As well as Pre/Post actions.
  • You can now open batches inside a terminal
  • RSS files now have style sheets


Keeps getting better

I use Render+ myself all the time, so I'm always working on it. These are the targets for next release (2.0):

  • V-Ray support
  • Custom Quick Batches
  • HTML reports for batches
  • Better error checking (specially for custom overrides)

Satisfaction Guarantee

Render+ includes free updates for life. If the addon doesn't work or you're having any kind of trouble, send me an email and we'll sort it out ASAP. If you're still not satisfied you can get 100% of your money back.

If you need a custom feature for a short time, I can also keep a branch for you (and maybe make it an official feature eventually).

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  • 4941491f909355640bcaef0e53cad369

    j-amador1974 5 days ago

    there's a problem enabling this product, traceback errors

    • Thumb

      Diego Gangl 5 days ago

      Hj J-amador, what error are you getting? Please open a ticket using the "Create Message" button so we can check it out.

  • 53cc13856d76bd2e4f1f70540b2a1ada

    Joel Gerlach 6 months ago

    Render+ makes batch rendering simple. What used to be a complicated procedure is now just a few button clicks. I couldn't recommend this plugin more for anyone using Blender in a professional capacity! Nothing better than letting a whole set of jobs run overnight and coming back to those green check marks. :)

  • D59c356a429291f80ec478790f4aeb70

    Walter Myers 9 months ago

    I've been using Blender for two years and I don't know how I lasted this long without Render+. Thank you for a much-needed and fantastic product!

    • Thumb

      Diego Gangl 9 months ago

      Thanks for the review!

  • Cba2ba61a50bf83c7885ca1da1255584

    Leandro Paganelli 10 months ago

    This plugin is brilliant! It's something I've searched for years in Blender, and for me it's essential. I already tried others plugins and workarounds but nothing comes close to it in terms of practicality and efficiency. Saved my night yesterday and "hours "babysitting" render jobs" as Duarte Ramos said. Gracias Diego!

    • Thumb

      Diego Gangl 10 months ago

      Gracias por la review Leandro! :)

  • 3090185202a18b051862391191fe62ab

    Duarte Ramos about 1 year ago

    One of my most frequently used and most essential addons.
    It has saved lots of hours "babysitting" render jobs, and granted me many more nights of restful sleep.

    • Thumb

      Diego Gangl about 1 year ago

      You made my week :), thanks for the review!

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