Rebrickr – Photoreal LEGO/Minecraft Simulations

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Photoreal Brick Simulations in Seconds

Rebrickr is an addon for Blender that converts any 3D Mesh into a photo-real 3D brick model. You can also use Rebrickr to generate animated brick models from keyframed animation, simulations (such as fluid or soft-body animations), armature, and much more.

3D Brick Modeling Made Effortless

With this addon, modeling and rendering a 10,000 brick sculpture is simply effortless. Once you've created a 3D mesh, a simple click of a button will convert it to a brick sculpture of any scale or orientation. Choose the level of detail (underside, customizable logo, bevel, etc.)materials (ABS plastic or other custom material)randomized location/rotation (to mimic real life imperfections)brick type (bricks, plates, or custom object), shell thickness, brick size, and more with the simple and intuitive UI.

NEW in Version 1.1 – You can now make adjustments to the auto-generated model with handy tools like split bricks, merge bricks, add adjacent bricks, and more!

3D Brick Simulation in Seconds

Have you ever marveled at the fluid simulations in "The LEGO Movie", or wondered how the animators of Rymledage created the animated sculptures featured throughout the video? Well, we set out to create a plugin that solves these problems effortlessly for both CG and stop motion animation, and you're going to love it. Our addon will convert any animation or simulation (keyframes, soft body physics, armature, fluid, cloth, parented animation, and more!*) into a frame-by-frame animated sculpture that's ready to be rendered or constructed in real life. Here are some awesome examples of what you can create:

The possibilities really are endless – we're excited to see what you'll create!

*rigid body physics and smoke simulations not yet supported. Keep an eye out for these in future free-to-update releases!

Stunning Photorealism, Zero Effort

Rebrickr comes packed with functionality that makes rendering photo-real brick models effortless. Every brick was designed with both efficiency and realism in mind – you get to choose the number of stud vertices, the level of detailing on the brick underside, the bevel width and resolution, the amount of minor variation in position/rotation, and much more – all optimized with smarter, cleaner brick topology than any 3D brick exporter on the market.

NOTE: Combine Rebrickr with our ABS Plastic Materials for a full library of materials based on the LEGO® brick color pallet.

Rebrickr for Model Builders

We designed Rebrickr to be useful for real-life sculpting with LEGO® bricks from as well. Choose the maximum brick scale for your model (e.g. 1x10, 2x10, etc.), set the thickness of the outer brick shell, set up a customized internal structure that works for you (cross-beams, lattice or columns), and generate the model.

NOTE: When combined with the AssemblMe addon, you can instantly generate a step-by-step build animation with the 3D model to help you construct it in real life.

Rebrickr for Custom Objects (e.g. Minecraft)

Rebrickr can also be used to generate sculptures from any mesh object imaginable! Rebrickr is useful for any creator, from Lego stop motion/CG animators (like our developer, Christopher Gearhart of Bricks Brought to Life) to Minecraft artists and other Blender enthusiasts alike!

Ever wondered what Mario would look like if he were made out of Suzanne Monkeys? Look no further!

Again, the possibilities are endless. Send us your creations/renders if you'd like to be featured here; we'd love to show off the awesome creations you're able to make!

Future Improvements

We are working to improve Rebrickr and continue to add the features you've been asking for. Below are the features in development right now:

  1. SNOT (studs not on top) mode
  2. Many more brick types to choose from (e.g. tiles, slopes, studs, etc.)
  3. Added support for smoke simulations and rigid body physics
  4. Added support for texture maps (coming very soon!)
  5. Added "connectivity" threshold to ensure maximum brick connectivity.

Change log

Version 1.1.1

  • Dozens of bug fixes and speed improvements (up to 25% faster!)

Version 1.1.0

  • Added ‘Bricks and Plates’ mode - you can now generate models with the best combination of both brick types.
  • Greatly improved model quality (now fits source mesh form more accurately)
  • New “Customization” controls for adding new bricks, splitting and merging existing bricks, etc.
  • Deleting individual bricks is now dynamic - the model will update around you as if you were working with real bricks.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.0.4

  • Fixed a critical bug introduced in version 1.0.2 to the addon updater

Version 1.0.3

  • Important bug fix for model transforms (transformation data no longer lost when switching between split and unsplit models)
  • Minor code improvements

Version 1.0.2

  • Added eyedropper for easier object selection
  • Improved cloth/soft body animations (35% faster!)
  • Bug fixes and improvements for frame range adjustments (now runs in up to linear time!)
  • Other minor bug fixes

Version 1.0.1

  • Up to 5x performance improvements with cacheing
  • Auto-updater added for easy updating
  • Various misc fixes

Version 1.0.0 - initial release


  • Begin by creating or importing a 3D Mesh object in Blender.
  • With your 3D mesh selected, create a new model with the 'New Model' button, and name it whatever you'd like.
  • Click 'Brickify Object' and wait a moment while the brick model is generated (NOTE: for animation/simulations, adjust frame duration in the "Animation" tab)
  • Customize your brick model by adjusting the parameters and various options for a specific result.
  • Click 'Update Model' after making changes to commit your adjustments to the model
  • If at any point you wish to edit the source mesh after the brick model has been generated, press "Edit" (ALT-TAB) to enter source edit mode, make your adjustments, and press "Commit Changes" (ALT-TAB) and then update your model. Your changes will be reflected in the brick model!
  • NOTE: When animating the brick sculpture with the AssemblMe plugin, you'll want to split the model into individual bricks with the "Split Model" option checked under the "Model Settings" tab. Once you've split your model, switch over to the "AssemblMe" tab in the toolbar and create your animation!

Installation (credit: CG Cookie):

  • You can download Rebrickr from your account dashboard on the Blender Market, assuming you’ve already purchased it.
  • The easiest way to install Rebrickr is to do so directly from Blender. You can do this by going to File > User Preferences > Add-ons > Install from File. This will open a File Browser in Blender, allowing to you navigate to and select the .zip file you downloaded. Press Install from file.
  • If your browser auto-extracted the downloaded .zip file then you will need to re-compress Rebrickr folder before installing.
  • Once installed, Blender should automatically filter the addons list to show only Rebrickr. You can then enable the add-on by clicking the checkbox on the upper right of the add-on panel.

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  • 89034408b4cce2f36d75b1462fff3e42

    lakeviewp1 about 1 month ago

    Very well designed add-on–I'm impressed at its speed and versatility. Appreciate the subtle, realistic imperfections, as well as the growing array of new features. Specifically excited about the new version's "bricks and plates" mode, as well as the ability to customize the auto-generated model. Thanks so much for a great add-on–where have you been all my life :)

  • C83729edd3d73d39d431194198ca5603

    christopher lowden about 2 months ago

    I have been looking for this for 2 years. Works as described has loads of potential. Would be nice to have a short tutorial for the animation part as the youtube video goes too fast.

    • 182dda1000c95088ab611151bb7c8ff8

      Christopher Gearhart about 2 months ago

      I'm glad you like it Christopher! I'll be putting together a few helpful tutorials soon. Keep your eye out – I've got some exciting improvements in store for Rebrickr (check out v1.1 if you haven't already – I think you'll love the new features).

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