Real Water - Waters Shader

by Casey_Sheep in Surfacing

News: We are currently developing RealWater 2.0, set to be released within 2024. Users who have made previous purchases will be eligible for free updates!

Cycles is required to display the complete effect, Eevee is not capable of displaying the full effect.
This node was created in Blender 3.4.1 and may not be compatible with older versions.
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Warning!Rendering speed is affected by differences in computer specifications, and I cannot guarantee that everyone will be able to complete rendering in a few seconds.

(šŸ”¼use cycles render)

1.2 Update
Added RealWater Ocean Surface shaders -Ā  shader with 4 presets (3 for cycles , 1 for eevee)

1.2.1 BetaĀ 
Added Pie MenuĀ 

1.1 Update
Major update to the plugin interface - Now you can adjust the shader effect directly without opening the node editor

4 new presets for blue tear effects (colors can be changed)

Added a new shader specifically for underwater scenes (with underwater bubble effect geometry nodes).

Brand new foam effect nodeĀ (This new node has replaced the old "Wave Shader")
Added RealWater EEVEE version - New Eevee version shader with 4 dedicated presets

How can I add animation effects to RealWater?

Here is a video demonstrating how I created animation effects for RealWater in just two minutes.

Nodes introduction (Cycles)

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RealWater only includes the WaterShader itself and does not include other assets (ex.Rock)

made with serpens

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Blender Version 4.1, 4.0, 3.6, 3.5, 3.4
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