Real Sky

by Wolf in Scripts and Addons

Real Sky is an addon that allows you to create sky and clouds with physically based lighting


Based on physical formulas, it gives you the right lighting from the most common environment: the sky.

Real Sky accurately simulates the scattering of the sun’s rays through the Earth’s atmosphere at any given time of the year.

There are 2 sky method: our sky colors method and the traditional sky texture method.

Just by changing the month and day values you will get the accurate position of the sun in the sky, so you can create any kind of condition.


Not only the sky itself but also the four procedural clouds are based on real clouds shapes.

The clouds themselves have physically accurate materials to suit any kind of climate.

There are 4 of the most common clouds, and they are fully procedural:

Cirrus, Cirrocumulus, Altostratus and Cumulus.

Update 1.4

  • Bug fixes for collection stuff
  • Autoupdate when changing rendering engine
  • Added exposure slider in UI when AutoExposure is disabled

Update 1.3

  • Bug fixes for Blender 2.8

Update 1.2 (for Blender 2.8)

  • Added support for Blender 2.8

Update 1.1

  • Now the values can be animated in real time
  • Removed the Bake button

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  • Dimitar Pouchnikov about 1 month ago

    This addon does a fairly good job of automating both background and sun itensities for time of day. However, please add an offset from the origin option, similar to what the Sun Position addon has, as it's currently unusable for Eevee.

  • Miftar Charles 3 months ago

    This is exactly the product I wanted to use for my scenes and it's great. However, when I try to add sky with objects, the lighting does not function properly and leaves a darkened sky. It also messes with the emission strength of other lights in the scene when using this plugin. Hope this issue will be resolved in the next update.

    • Wolf 23 days ago

      This is what the addon does, since the real world values for Sky and Sun are pretty high, the addon automatically lowers the exposure of the scene, and so if you had an emission shader or a lamp, that one will look darker.

  • lina 3 months ago

    I fell in love with this add-on from the very first test project!

  • Kless Gyzen 4 months ago

    What a great add-on will most likely replace using HDRI's for me as I love the customization and how the skies fit with a scene, highly recommended. Needs some improvements in the amount of detail in the clouds and hopefully a little better performance, looking forward to future updates.

  • Luis Vergara 5 months ago

    very beautiful, the clouds are expensive, but it's worth it, you get super realistic lighting

  • rogper 5 months ago

    It is a very neat add-on. The controls are easy to follow and everything is well organized (even in the material nodes, just perfect). It works exactly as publicized and all the images shown in the demo video are easily achievable. Time laps are awesome and ultra easy to do and the lighting on the scene is much better than from a HDRi. I've confirmed the accuracy of it by inserting my location/time of the day and confirmed that it does feel like the real location of the sun.The 2D clouds are pretty much spot on but the 3D volumetric ones look a bit cartoony (which is what I wanted, please keep an option to leave them as they are now on future releases :) ) but for "real" they need a few more options to give them more cloud noise/detail control and that's the only reason I'm giving 4 stars and not 5. Overhaul this add-on is outstanding! It worth the money (even the double would be fair) and you guys have a friend in me. This is the sky add-on I ever wanted, thanks for making it! Until next version (Blender 2.8 Eevee support yeahhh ;) )

  • tucriver385 6 months ago

    The clouds are not realistic. I'm waiting for your upgrades for something better.
    Maybe I need lessons, it is necessary a tutorial for beginners.

    • Wolf 6 months ago

      We are sorry you didn't like Real Sky, we tried our best to make the clouds as realistic ad possible while preserving the real dimensions and making them procedural was a huge task. Of course we will try to get better shapes in a newer version, for this one by the way we concentrated more on lighting to be ad realistic ad possible matching the real world intensities. Again, we are sorry you didn't like this addon

  • Richard Traynor 6 months ago

    This is brilliant, I tested this out with a material addon I created, and omg its safe to say the results I got with this were much better than my HDRi packs I've used.
    The fact that you can create timelapses, and add realistic volumetric clouds and have the sun be in the correct place at the correct day and location is beyond comprehension. This is an amazing addon. Buy it!

  • 3DVision 6 months ago

    I too am a creator on the Blender Market and I can say that this add-on is very useful, thank you for your good work.

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