by alksndr in Scripts and Addons


3D Modeling via sketching in Grease Pencil

quickDraw is a tool that automates many of the tedious processes involved with making geometry from Grease Pencil sketches. You will be able to sketch naturally and have very solid geometry as an output. My main inspirations were 3DCoat and Gravity Sketch.

Create Geo! Quick Boolean Subtraction!

Separate your geometry quickly!




Convert GP strokes into Bezier Curves while keeping the width!

Clean Sketch!

Feature List:

  • Activate grease pencil and be placed into drawing mode with one click
  • Clean your rough sketches into one final piece of linework
  • Create geometry out of your grease pencil drawing- intersecting strokes are okay! Sketch in a completely natural way and let this tool create the exact shape you wanted
  • Use drawn shapes to subtract from your geo
  • Create cutlines
  • Separate geometry into 2 to create panels
  • Cut edge loops into your geo
  • Straighten drawn lines ala Procreate
  • Turn drawn circles into perfect circles ala Procreate
  • Bridge, Loft, Patch and more!

Please visit http://www.alksndr.com/quickdraw for a full run down and installation guide.