The version for (Eevee) is not yet compatible with (Blender 3.2).

Pure-Sky pro is a procedural volumetric sky that allows you to generate realistic lighting and clouds for all your projects. Generate more than 30 types of sky and 10 types of clouds in a few clicks with the presets. No HDRI card can generate aurora borealis, rainbow, atmosphere or animated volumetric clouds, with Pure Sky Pro you can now. A new era begins for Cycles, so you can join the Pure-Sky Pro family now by testing the trial version. 100% synchronized with the "Sun position" addon and the "Nishita" sky for the "Cycles" version. 

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Pure-Sky Pro 5.1 Released! (17/06/22) 

Cycles: Read the documentation PSP_5.1 (EN)
Eevee: Read the documentation PSP_5.1 (EN)

Pure-Sky Pro 5.0 Released! (04/04/22) 

Important!! (Cycles)

For a quick installation follow these instructions or  Read the documentation PSP_5.1 (EN).

  •  Download the package containing version 5.1.13.
  •  In Edit > Preferences > Add-on, type in the search bar "Sun Position" then activate this addon and all the options.
  •  In Edit > Preferences > Add-on > Install, select the package you have downloaded (Pure-Sky 5.1.13), then validate the installation.
  • The add-on is now visible in the 3D view on your right, select the version you want to use and voilà.


  • In "Edit > Preferences > System > Cuda or Optix" then activate your "GPU". *Important: (The CPU alone will not be able to handle such a large volumetric environment).
  • In the "World properties" > "Volume" pane you can increase the "Max Step" property to "20~50" and "Transmission" to "1~2" for the final render, if you add the clouds. Note*:(use the default configuration for the preview).


  • Select a camera then in the "World properties" > "View" click on the option that appears "Update Camera Clipend", now the max visibility distance has been updated according to the value indicated in "View".


  • To change presets (Sky or Cloud), select a preset and click on apply. (You can deactivate the clouds or the atmosphere in the "Volume" pane).
  • 10 Clouds Presets: Altocumulus, Cirrus, Cumulonimbus, Cumuls Congestus, Cumuls Fractus, Cumulus Humilis, Cumulus Mediocris, Cumulus Radiatus, Cumulus, Nimbostratus.
  • 15 Sky Presets: Sunset 5, Day 3, Night 1, Fantasie 1, Eclipse 1, Aurora borealis 3, Fog 1.

Compatibility (Cycles)

Mac Os
Blender 3.2+

Features 5.1 (Cycles)

Single User









Paintable Clouds

Aurora Borealis

High Altitude Clouds

Low Altitude Clouds

Important!! (Eevee)

  • Read the documentation PSP_5.1 (EN)
  • Please, read the data sheet carefully before making a purchase.
  • The stability of this product is guaranteed only for the latest stable and official version of Blender.
  • Volumetric rendering with eevee imposes limits that do not depend on us, to get very sharp clouds you have to increase the "ClipStart" distance of the camera, this problem exists because volumes do not emit shadows with eevee. This update (EEVEE's Future of the Blender Foundation will solve this problem.
  • Generating volumes requires good machine performance, make sure your equipment is suitable for this. Hardware configuration used for the demo: GPU RTX 2060, CPU I7 3.60Ghz, 16GBRam.  

Pure-Sky Pro 4.6 Release Trailer.

Pure-Sky Pro 4.6 Released! (29/11/2021)


Pure-Sky Pro 4.6 Stellar version (Not compatible for "Cycles".)

Compatibility (Eevee)

Mac Os
Blender 3.1

Features 5.1 (Eevee)

Single User






Shadow Catcher

Lens Flares





Lens Dirt



Paintable Clouds

Exponential Fog

Atmospheric Fog

Additional content

Physical Planet

Procedural Water

Stellar Version

Strong points

  • Easy to animate.
  • Includes presets.
  • Generates a realistic sky.
  • Includes shadow catcher.
  • Includes an editable tornado.
  • Includes a clock and a real time calendar.
  • Can be animated without using an animation key.
  • Offers the possibility to fly into space with a 360° view.

Weak points

  • The volumes do not generate shadows and reflection "eevee".


  • Add presets. Goal achieved (29/11/21)
  • Develop editable terrain.
  • Develop editable lightning bolts.
  • Add the Aurore Boréal volumetric. Goal achieved (05/10/21)
  • Develop procedural shader Ocean. Goal achieved (05/10/21) 
  • Make volumes compatible for Cycle. Goal achieved (05/10/21) 
  • Add a particle system to generate rain.
  • Add a particle system to generate snow.
  • Develop an Installable version with Python. Goal achieved (30/08/21) 
  • Develop a particle system to add trees and vegetation.
  • Develop procedural materials: terrain, mountain etc..



    The procedural ocean shader has been updated.
    The controle panel has been improved to make it more user friendly.
    Some nodes (like the sky) have been simplified to improve performance.
    The Reset button: You can now restore all default settings y clicking on the reset button.
    Now you can choose between 10 Presets to start your project. You can also add your personal touch by modifying them.


    Performance improvement.
    Procedural ocean shader added.
    Aurora Borealis volumetric added.
    Lens flares are now visible with "Cycle".
    Stellar" version for space animation is now available.
    Indirect light setting of the sky node has been improved.
    The sun and moon angle settings are now synchronized with the size of the disks.
    Shadow catcher now automatically adapts to cycle when you change render. *Note: Color shadows are not compatible with "Cycle".
    Atmospheric nodes have been improved, you can choose between a dome or flat atmosphere. *Note: For panoramic renderings with "Cycle" use only the flat mode.
    Volumetric renderings are now supported for "Cycle". *Note: in the atmosphere node, enable the "flat" mode for "Cycle" renderings and in the cloud node set the "anisotropy" property to "0" or "0.5".


    Includes a better navigation interface.
    This version is now available for installation.


    Cloud enhancement.
    Paintable clouds add.
    Shadow Catcher Added.
    Lens Flares improvement.
    Volume cutter mesh added.
    Exponential fog improvement.
    Atmospheric fog enhancement.
    Lens Flares parameters add to the world.
    Independent control of indirect sky light add. 


    Day & Night Cycle: Use the "Animate" property to automatically animate the cycle of a day without using an animation key. The higher the value you add, the faster the cycle will be. (Look at the clock and calendar to see exactly how much time has passed).

    Paintable Clouds: Organize an interface to paint then select the texture named "Paint Mask", activate in the volume panel the "clouds" then the property "Paint Clouds Mode", increase the property (Coverage to 1.1 or more) then start painting.

    Thunderstorm: Use the "Blue Sky /Thunderstorm" property to make the stormy sky appear by adding only two animation keys.

    Atmosphere: Place the camera at the right altitude to see the atmosphere.

    Planete: Easily create science fiction scenes by adding planets, spaceships or huge buildings in the background. (three planets are included, earth, moon and mars).

    Procedural Water: Use the procedural shader to quickly create an ocean.

    Sun: Use the "Sun Diameter" property to resize the sun.

    Moon: Use the "Moon Diameter" property to resize the Moon. The angle of the moon also adapts automatically to the time of day, when it is midnight the shadows become hard and when it is 6am the shadows become soft.

    Sun Shadow: The sun angle setting is perfectly synchronized with the size of the sun, which results in more realistic shadows. The angle of the sun also automatically adapts to the time of day, when noon arrives the shadows become hard and when the sun goes down at 18H the shadows become soft.

    Pure-Sky Pro 4.3 Release Trailer.

    How to render volumetric clouds eevee over a cycle render?

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