Pupa Addon : - Quick Rigging And Animation Builder

by Luwizart in Scripts and Addons

What is Pupa Addon?

Creating animations can be very tedious and a time taking task, which was the problem we were trying to solve with this plugin. The Artist friendly rigging workflow makes rigging your characters, Fast and easy. We used blender native rigify, which gives it more production fidelity for the animators, and with our robust animation features, you can create and customize your animations easily

Watch All tutorial Tutorial here: 


here are some of the rigging features:

-Access to 1000+ Animation 

this is organized in different categories to make it easy for you to select from, and with blender new search engine, you can locate any animation you want 

-Interactive Fast Rigging

-Support for Asymmetrical characters

- Joint preview before binds (optional)

- full Rigify support

* enable Blender Rigify before use 

For the binding workflow, we did a lot of work to make it efficient. We provided multiple binding methods and other utilities that make the binding process fast, and able to handle complex geometries. here are some of its features:-

-multiples binding methods (Voxel binding and Automatic weighting),

-Objects Weights transfer 

-bind a collection or a selected object 

-clean weight paints made easy 

For the Animation workflow, which is one of its prominent features, we spent a lot of time polishing it to work with any production scale. with the hundreds of animation sorted out in different categories and previews, to an intuitive search engine that allows the users to find any type of animations or poses that you might need, you can also easily switch between them. 

To Push the Animation system further, we added lots of features requested by professional animator testers, like; 

-Combining multiples animations

-Creating animation cycles with the stay in place feature

-Animation layers

-Customizing animation, 

-FK/IK switching

-Animation Baking 

- Exporting to other Application 

the first update is out with more features to improve your workflow. and work great no with Mac-os 

To really understand the possibilities, you need to experience it for yourself, it will be a valuable investment for the longest time, and it comes with free updates after the first purchase. we also have full-day customer care @ [email protected]

*one copy per PC 

Watch All tutorial Tutorial here: 


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Published about 1 year ago
Software Version 2.82, 2.83, 2.9, 2.91
License Creative Commons
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