ProWood - Procedural Wood Shader Pack

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ProWood - Procedural Wood Shader Pack

Unwrapping complex models to wood textures can be a frown, and often wood textures are of bad resolution or expensive to buy. And even for larger Floors, the resolution of the image textures is often to low to render high resolution images.
To end up with this, this Pack is perfect for you. You will get a realistic looking, fully procedural Pack of wood shaders, which makes it easy to shade every wooden model, regardless of size and complexity.

Six types of wood presets included, three kinds of application included - infinite number of combinations possible

The Pack comes with six preinstalled looks for the following types of wood:

  • Oak
  • Beech
  • Teak
  • Olive
  • Cherrywood
  • Walnut
  • Ebony
  • Rosewood

-The three preinstalled kinds of application are:

- Standard Setup for Wooden Objects such as Boards, Furniture, Statues and Sculptures, Kitchen Ware, and others
- Flooring Setup is especially designed to work with the Blender Floor Generator Addon. this Addon is not made by me, it can be downloaded from Michel Anders Github (See Documentation Page for more information)
- Pattern Setup, based on the Brick Texture node. This can be used to achieve a quick floor on a simple plane, or to create a board-pattern effect on larger wooden surfaces that are usually made of multiple boards in real life designs (e.g. Doors, Tables)

Full Documentation included and available for download

Along with the pack comes a 30 Page pdf file which explains all Settings of the ProWood Shader Setups with pictures. With this, you can easily adjust the look according to your needs, or you can quickly create your own type of wood.
This Documentation can also be downloaded for free here.

What you see is what you get - Full procedural lighting setup included, no image based lighting used.

All Product images shown in the description are rendered as is, there is no post processing done. The lighting setup is included in this pack. The Light setup consists of procedural lights only, no HDR's ore image Textures are used.
Just open the File and hit F12 of z9, and you will get what you see in the Product Images (Pick desired Layer for this. Each Preset lies on a different layer).

Royalty free use of Shaders and included lighting setups

All procedural wood shaders are of course royalty free of use, and the procedural lighting shaders are also royalty free of use.

Free Bonus! Wooden cabinets included

As a free bonus and learning Hub, there is an extra Blend File within this Pack. It contains two wooden cabinets, already shaded with the ProWood Shaders.
You can use these cabinets as shading Setup reference, and of course for any kind of use in your scenes.


Example of use

As a further example, please visit my product Violoncello with bow and stand. It uses three types of the ProWood Shader.



Note on use of the Floor Generator addon
If you would like to use the Floor Generator addon, you can download it here:
Floor Generator addon by Michel Andreas. All Credits for this Addon go to him.

Michel Anders also holds a very good Website with usefull Blender Tipps, you can visit him here. He also holds a Shop here at Blendermarket, and his Username here is varkenvarken


Install the Addon following the instructions. After creating a floor with the addon, the generated mesh comes with a Vertex Color information.

Type the Name of the Vertex Color map in the Attribute Node of the choosen Floor Material, tweak the scale if neccessary, and everything is done.

All other Functions of the ProWood Shader Pack are explained in the Documentation which is included as a pdf within this pack,

but you can also download it here.

For Loading in the Materials into your Scene Choose "File - Append", then choose the given ProWood File, then Choose "Materials", then take the material(s) you need.
For getting the Lighting Setup, Choose "File - Append", then choose the given ProWood File, then Choose "Groups", then choose the "Studio_Lights" Group
If you want to take the wooden Cabinet, go to File - Append", then take the File "ProWood_Procedural_Cabinet_Examples.blend"; here you will find the Group "Wooden_Oak_Cabinets"

If there are still questions left, feel free to leave me a comment here, or go to my website, and i will answer your questions as soon as i can.

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  • robproctor83 11 months ago

    I've tried a number of procedural wood shaders and these are the best ones so far. Not perfect, but as far as realistic furniture wood it's pretty dang good. The shader itself is fairly complex and gives the user much control over it's various properties. My biggest complaint is that there is not much variation in the various presets. Very good shader though, worth the money.

  • Artell about 1 year ago

    Well done! Indispensable shader for wooden furniture.

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