Procedural Flowmap

by 3DSinghVFX in Modifier Setups

Revitalize static texture with the magic of Flowmap

Features (New v3.0):

    • Effortlessly generate procedural flowmap for any texture, whether it's an image or a procedural texture.
    • Take complete control over the flow direction with curve(s) manipulation.
    • Experience the power of real-time, fully procedural flowmap generation with extensive artist controls.
    • Easy to export the flowmap for use in other software.
    • Interaction and collisions with external objects (New).
    • Multiple types of masks for mixing materials (New).

      Free updates forever

      • Flowmap v3.0 (New)


      You can use this as an asset by assigning the Flowmap folder as an Asset Library in the Blender Preferences.


      A video demo is also available on my YouTube channel: 3D Singh VFX

      Flowmap v2.0 Demo:

      Demo, Settings, How to Append or Use as an Asset:

      How to Export Flowmap as an image:


      This is a Flowmap modifier made with geometry nodes for Blender 3.6, 4.0, and 4.1.


      You can use this tool in any of your projects (non-commercial or commercial).

      You may not redistribute the geometry node group itself, for free or commercially.

      Happy Noding... :)

      Kuldeep Singh (3D Singh VFX)

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      Released of the Procedural Flowmap v3.0 for Blender 4.1.


      Released of Procedural Flowmap v3.0:

      • Added a new method for 3D Mesh that makes the Flowmap faster x1.85.
      • Flowmap is more accurate with the new method.
      • Removed the XY-XYZ option, now it will be handled automatically.
      • Added Flowmap Info node to the material.


      Released of Procedural Flowmap v2.0:

      • Added interaction and collision with external objects.
      • Multiple types of masks for mixing materials
      • Added trim curve option to animate the flow.
      • Added Curve radius based mask width for more control.
      • Improved the node-tree, faster and realtime.


      • Fixed the default settings of Flowmap Material. By default, It uses only the "Mask" option.


      • Released the Procedural Flowmap v1.1 that allows exporting the flowmap with "Export Flowmap" option.

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      Blender Version 4.1, 4.0, 3.6
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