Procedural Cupcake Generator

by ArtOf_Nobody in Modifier Setups

Cupcake Generator

These two geometry nodes modifiers give the ability to generate a cupcake, the cupcake cup as well as an animatable icing swirl. 

The generators output clean and even typology, perfect for procedural texturing.


Parameters for radius, height and slope angle are available to achieve the desired shape. There is also a "rise" slider which puffs up the top part of the cupcake to give it a baked shape.

Cupcake Shell

There are parameters for adjusting similar aspects of the shell so they fit the shape of the cupcake. There are also parameters for shaping the folds in the shell such as changing the number or folds (as a multiplier), changing the depth of the folds and also giving it a rotation.

Swirl Generator

The swirl generator takes a custom Bézier curve to use as the profile, as well as parameters for the twist and thickness. The swirl is based on the "spiral" node so the number of rotations are exposed as well as the start/end radius and height. There is a wave texture implemented for displacement of the curve with access to the texture scale. Rotation and height offsets are also exposed for proper placement on the cupcake object.

The swirl can also be animated with the "Grow" factor.

Published 16 days ago
Blender Version 4.2, 4.1, 4.0
License Creative Commons
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