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A Retopology addon that works with Blender existing tool. At the core of the addons is a spatial partitioning system similar to Shrinkwrap modifier, imagine if Shrinkwrap can be reapply over and over again in the background while integrating with Blender proprietary tools.

"Simple, concise and minimal learning curve to use the addon"
"Tis but a realtime shrinkwrap on steroids"

"1% Code savvy, 99% Marketing"
" Performance!!! Performance!!! Performance!!!"
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User Guide page :
Guide for 0.44 bellow
Guide for 0.5x with Plushie Shark made by
QuazrSCI as reference

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Here are some project with Polymating in action :

Reference mesh by : Pablo Perdomo

"With this tool, you can retopology mesh focusing on the flow of quads and let the addon do the wrapping for you. Creates base flow with very simple mesh and then sculpt around"

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Reference mesh by : Qiara M

"The freedom to decide the flow of the topology is in your hand, all the favorite sculpt tool that you usually use will subtly integrates with Polymating"

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Here is another project with Polymating in action :

Reference mesh by : Moshe Caine

Here is a brief roadmap on how by purchasing this addon can help further the development of Polymating
1. Broader tools integration
2. Better user experience
3. Cutting-edge performance
4. Proper research and development environment

!!! Join me to revolutionize retoplogy workflow and retopology tool, to a more fun concise hassle free future of retopology !!!

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Here is a recently added experimental feature in Polymating 0.5x which is custom material initialization (please see addon preferences for the experimental features tab :

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Update notes :

0.44 guide and 0.5x guide
- branched out user guide for 0.5x
- organized 0.5x user guide and now use sharky as references

- added manual overlay initialization
- added visibility toggle for retopology object and reference object
- cache and reference key optimization
- robust error handlers for better user experience
- dedicated info bar to guide user and tell them of polymating state
- auto overlay behavior optimization
- polymating state behaviour optimization
- polymating cache will not be cleared on deselection and visibility state
- clearer code terminology for inspection and maintenance

- reduce handlers redundancy
- added experimental features
- experimental features on addon preferences interface
- added custom material initialization
- the material initialization might impact performance slightly on Start Polymating, make sure that you turn it on only if needed
- material initialization work best with backface culling

- API version checks
- 3.6x optimization

- dedicated cache clearing function
- file organization
- clean up redundancy
- semantic versioning
- 3.6x compatibility

- added proper licensing
- optimized product description and proper terminology

0.42 stable release
- edit mode availability
- sculpt mode optimization
- cache system optimization
- proper error handlers
0.38a alpha release
- sculpt mode optimization
- consistent terminology
- proper addon compression

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          Many Thanks - MozzarellaARC

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