Physical Grass Scatter And Draw : Real-Time Physics

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Physical Grass Scatter

Elevate your 3D landscapes to new levels of realism with the Physical Grass Scatter add-on, designed exclusively for Blender 4.0 and above. This add-on is a game-changer for artists and designers who strive for lifelike environments in their renders.

With Physical Grass Scatter, achieving professional-grade results doesn't have to be time-consuming. Even complex scenes with intricate grass interactions are rendered swiftly, allowing you to meet your project deadlines without compromising on quality.

Transform your static scenes into vibrant ecosystems ready for animation or high-quality still renders. Whether you're creating a serene meadow or a stormy field, this add-on is your partner in crafting the most immersive 3D experiences.

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- Realistic Simulated Grass Physics 

only single click - and you will get simulated physics

-Scatter Physical Grass

-Draw Physical Grass

-Real Time Feedback

- Speed Up Your Routine Tasks With Add-on

Spend less time on routine tasks, thanks to the add-on's fast setup for both drawing and scattering grass.

-Collisions Fix

Say goodbye to clipping issues, with grass that smartly avoids intersecting with other objects.

-Have Fun Playing With Physics

Play with physics interactively to create dynamic scenes full of life

-Wind Control

Fine-tune the sway of your grass with detailed wind settings, giving you the power to simulate the perfect environmental conditions.

Just in a few minutes you will get awesome result

Note! Simulation start at 1 frame so expect this effect at the beginning. to make it seamless just start your animation from 20frame for example. 


PRO Version includes Realistic Grass Asset Pack (25 PBR plants) and Stylized Hand-Painted Grass Pack (81 Asset) with Unique Stylized BSDF shader optimized for EEVEE and CYCLES

Realistic Grass Asset Pack Renders

Stylized Hand-Painted Grass Renders + Stylized BSDF SHOWCASE

Lazy3D Bestsellers Value Bundle (save up more than 30$)

Bundle Contains: Physical Grass Scatter Pro, Winterify DeluxeUniversal VFX Simulator Bundle (Steam,Stylized Steam,Smoke,Fire)


-Result can be unpredictable if using very high grass density on several layers. For the best experience it is recommended to use DRAW PHYSICAL GRASS TOOL or disable simulation on less visible layers. Simulation calculates from each grass instance, so high density can give you unexpected results. 
- High-poly colliders are supported, but for the best result and optimization it is preferable to use low-res proxy meshes, for the super best results - use primitives. 

-Don't place Colliders too close to each others. If there is a grass between them, It will cause grass shaking between them

-Simulation starts at 1st frame, do start it when you want just keyframe layer sim disable switch.

- Simulation highly depends on SCALE! So be sure to CTRL+A and apply scale and location to objects you need for simulation: Colliders, ground object and grass itself

-If simulation freezes and don't update - restart Blender. It's not an add-on problem, something with blender simulation core, i don't know exactly. Restarting project helps.

DRAW PHYSICAL GRASS TOOL shows best physics simulation results. Scatter tool with dense layers should be used carefully, following use rules

One time purchase will guarantee you all future updates and asset library expansions for FREE

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