Photoscanned Watermelon (+ Pieces)

by Vertex Wizards in Models

Four 3D Watermelon Models
Photoscanned, retopoed and cleaned up!

Have you ever been in need of super realistic 3D food which you can place in your interior renders to bump up the quality?

Do you only need some juicy watermelons and not our 70+ collection of photoscanned food?

Then you might be interested in our single food scans, they only cost a fraction of the entire collection's price! You get four retopoed models (between 100 and 1000 vertices) that are optimized for Blender and come with adjustable shader groups and PBR textures. If you should need the raw scans, that's no problem either! Message us and we will send them to you with the original textures (up to 8k) so you can retopo them as you like yourself!

Customizable Shader Groups

What makes our food models better?

  • Super affordable, we are up to 75% cheaper than competitors
  • Our models come with customizable shader groups, not only textures
  • Optimized for Blender
  • High quality¬†4k textures¬†
  • Real world scale
  • Our materials work in Cycles and Eevee
  • Lots of positive reviews on our other products and fast customer support (we will answer your questions within one day)!
  • Scanned with professional equipment and software to remove shadows and reflections


Camera: Nikon D5600
Software: 3DF Zephyr, ZBrush, Blender
Team: 7+ years of 3D experience