Pearlworks Moulding Collection

by 1D_Inc in Models

Collection of easyweight 3d models of mouldings by Pearlworks design.
Every model is based on photos and sizes, provided by Pearlworks booklet.
No tris, no n-gons, 100% quads without smoothing. Objects are scaled and named properly.
Metric scale (100 units = 1meter), no modifiers.

Some patterns (as FRZ-430/440/480) consists of two re-combinable parts
Blend file have additional objects (such as frames, 1m2 plane and describing text as splines)

The product contains vector tracery in dwg_2010, dxf_2000 and SVG formats for sketching design in your favorite vector editor.
Ornaments in DWG_2010 and DXF_2000 are stored as dynamic blocks with array dynamics.

If you have a complex scenes with a lot of ornaments, and you would like to control smoothness manually - this product is a good choice. If you also love a quads-based topology - this product is exactly for you.