Pearlworks Corners collection

by 1D_Inc in Models

Collection of effectivepoly models of corner ornamental onlays by Pearlworks. (26 unique names)

= Scene with unique elements only contains 119 000 verts (27 objects)

= Actual product contains 246 000 verts (63 objects with all sizes, provided by piterra site)

= metric scale, 100% quads, contains additional objects as describing text and boundary frames.

= Pure effectivepoly, single-surfaced models, objects have no modifiers, properly scaled and named.

Product also contains CAD/vector tracery, so you can draft your design in your favorit 2D cad/vector editor, or provide proper documentation of your design.

Tracery was produced manually, and contains linear objects only (no arcs or splines) to be compartible with any 3D/CAD/vector editor.

Product have downloadable booklet.

If you have a complex scenes with a lot of ornaments, and you would like to control smoothness manually - this product is a good choice.

If you also love a quads-based topology - this product is exactly for you.

model (vertices)

CE-101   (7533)

CE-103   (7934)

CE-104   (13649)

CE-105   (783)

CE-107   (10120)

CE-110   (6838)

CE-120   (2526)

CE-130   (3428)

CE-131   (3705)

CE-132   (1577)

CE-133   (3955)

CE-134   (998)

CE-136   (8276 + 5900 version)

CE-137a   (5088)

CE-137b   (3757)

CE-138   (5249)

CE-139   (6698)

CE-140   (4782)

CE-145   (5124)

CE-200   (4222)

CE-201   (5949)

CE-M120   (4122)

CE-M123   (2217)

CE-M160   (209)

CE-M171   (540)

CE-M174   (144)

CE-M180   (368)

Blend file contains sorted by types collectection of elements in metric scale with 1m2 and 1ft2 squares.
SVG and DWG 2000 files contains 2d tracery with no arcs.

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