Pbr Archviz Assets

by IliescuAdrian3D in Models

General Information 

This is a furniture pack that can be used in any interior space inside any 3d program as it contains the .blend, .fbx, and .obj version of every model set.

How can you use this?

PBR models made after real objects and references that can you can use in any interior project. You are working on a kitchen and you think that a nice chair could fit in the background? Just quickly append a model of your choice from this pack and you have it.

What the pack contains:

  • 2 single chairs
  • 1 armchair
  • 3 sets of chairs and tables
  • 2 couches

Models information

  • Every furniture set has less than 20k vertices
  • UVs unwrapped
  • Transformations applied
  • Realistic scale and unit scale from blender set to 0.01, you can change that setting very easily if you wish
  • Every furniture set contains its unique Blender file 


  • 4K Textures
  • Every texture set is found in the folder of the furniture set
  • Materials are named after the set of the furniture EX: M_1_1, M_2_1........M_8_1.
  • The textures are packed in the .blend file so you won't have to add them, you just append the model and done.

Other informations

  • Every model set has 3 folders: Model files, Previews and textures.
  • 3 file versions: .blend, .fbx and .obj
  • Instructions on how to get the models into your scene in the documentation.
  • Easy to use
  • Total file size is 1.74 GB

Hope I gave you everything you needed if you need more details you can message me!