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This scene should serve as a template/guidebook for generating parametric walls in all the ways we use in Parametr Studio.
This is the first collection of setups for making parametric facades, walls, or partitions in Blender.

We present a complex scene of the exterior of a cabin house with a parametric wall applied to a real project for production.
The model contains  40 parametric walls examples with presets for generating YOUR walls/partitions/facades of any dimensions and size. 


We have currently covered the basic methods of creating lamellar setups. It is mostly a series of modifiers that you can edit yourself with the combination of some limits and thus completely change the resulting appearance of the wall.

We divide the wall design method into the following parts:
1) Generation purely using modifiers
2) Manual adjustment of the wall using proportional editing
3) Limiting modifiers (shrink/wrap)
4) Procedural texture generation
5) Generation by raster graphics
6) Scripting in Sverchok

Future update:
7) Scripting in Geometry nodes

The Forest Cabin is a real project for real fabrication. A complete exterior scene was created for a real house production.
All visible assets on renders are the content of the blend project file. All assets are equipped with high-resolution textures in 4K with a set of Diffuse, Normal, and Roughness maps.

The contents of the interior are:
-Acapulco Chair
-Glasses and thermos
-Basin mixer
-Windows, doors
-Sofa with blanket and pillows

For the exterior:

Výsledky překladu

-Tree stumps
-Trees (mtree)
-Deck boards

Výsledky překlad


...Not only the wall concepts that are part of the package but the Chandelier!...
As a bonus, the scene also includes a 3D model of the lampshade prototype developed by Parametr Studio. It has not yet been published anywhere else. Use wherever needed.

Grasses were modeled from straws using textures from AmbientCG. The stalks are prepared into bunches of grass, already easily usable for your projects, in variants of green grass (low, medium, thick tall), dead grass, and yellow grass. Trees are generated by the Mtree addon. 15 different trees (4categories) are generated in an external file in Blender 3.3,  where you can easily retexture, and edit them. From the external file, all trees are lined up in the main scene to reduce its complexity as much as possible. There is a ready-made version for linking with a limited viewport (for slower computers) and full view - which we also use to accurately display light in the viewport.

The whole project was designed as a tiny house for serial production for a real client. The entire task, the original idea, and the concept is the responsibility of our extremely talented professional joiner Petr Mochán, who you can contact with a direct request for production on the Instagram profile: @mochan.petr . The construction is completely feasible and can be brought directly to your property, where it will be completed. 

Our setup is: 
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700 CPU @ 3.20GHz   3.20 GHz, 64,0 GB RAM,2xRTX 2070 Super
We render with Cycles and via GPU with 512 samples. The final rendering of the entire scene in a resolution of 3384x5076px took 15 minutes.


The entire scene of our studio now serves as a laboratory. We have a well-prepared composition based on many references, decent ambient natural daylight, and complete scenery of the surroundings. Everything looks good and therefore there is no need to spend a hundred hours on things that are just "accessories" to a convincing design. We're trying new quick concepts and renders on this tiny house. Now it can also serve you.

We learn a few things from the scene ourselves. We intentionally created it so that we can customize and dynamically change parts of it directly on demand. Mainly in the preparation of particle systems, which we always set up again and again.

The models of slatted walls are vividly applied to the case of a building opening, so they will work in a situation with or without windows or doors.

We thank Petr Mochán for all the help, entering the project and mediating the order (contact for production above). Facade designs are under the auspices of Parametr Studio. The foliage was created thanks to textures from and trees by generating the Mtree addon.

As a long-term orthodox user of Rhino and Grasshopper with a newly switched workflow to Blender, I often dealt with a similar basic assignment. There is a perfect technical sequence and logic in Grasshopper. In most cases, however, in real practice, what is needed is rather speed and often continuity with the real context. By scripting every little thing, a simple task can become an unnecessarily complex problem. Blender uses different principles, which are perhaps more artistic, but the results are the same and significantly faster. If you need to make 30 variants of a partition that is precisely shaped on the surroundings at specific points, for me, using the proportional editing brush is incomparably faster than defining the whole issue mathematically. Both worlds offer their beauty. It is up to you which route you choose for the given purpose. For me, it is an advantage to know all the options and then choose. And that's exactly what this scene should be for.

I wish I knew these setups a few years ago. Both the designs of parametric lamellar facades and the use of particle systems. I would save hundreds of hours of searching for routes, but without gaining experience it is probably not possible. . . so now it is :). In this file, you will find together what I didn't have a few years ago. Take it as a possible cookbook, a case study, a topic, or an inspiration. All adjustments, changes, modifications, alternatives, and any creativity that you hope this council will serve you are more than welcome ;).


Feel free to share your work. Tag us on Instagram for your projects with @parametrstudio. Follow us on .
We will be happy for comments, suggestions, and tips for future development and evaluations. Keep in touch. We hope, that this Parametric Cabin Facade  Scene will help make your work easier. Relax and enjoy. ;) 

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Published 2 days ago
Blender Version 3.3
Render Engine Used cycles
Misc Data uvs-unwrapped, low-high-resolution, normal-mapped, textured
License Creative Commons
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