Offset Cut - Blender Extension

by abhiraaid in Addons

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Offset Cut is a popular function introduced to Blender by "Mesh Machine" add-on.
This is an attempt to recreate the same using Geometry Node Tools


  • Works on Multiple Selections

  • Works on Cyclic and Non Cyclic Selections

  • Respects sharp corners depending on the "Angle" input

    Known Quirks

    • The tool works off of Mesh Boolean, so some hiccups are to be expected

    • When the result is a mess, slightly changing the values can improve the output

    • Make sure your mesh is manifold, some manual clean-up is expected after execution

      Improved Algorithm


      This extension is in an experimental stage and will remain so due to the unpredictable nature of Mesh Booleans. You can expect proper results 90% of the time, provided you are working on manifold geometry.


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      Published about 1 month ago
      Blender Version 4.1
      License GPL
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