Ocd (One Click Damage)

by vfxguide in Addons

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Turn simple into stunning with 'One Click Damage v2.0'. 

This ultimate tool adds realistic wear with just a click. Choose your model, adjust, and instantly enjoy a highly detailed, lifelike asset. 

Please check the video introduction or online manual to learn more about "One Click Damage" before you buy, or feel free to ask me any questions here if you're not sure if "OCD2.0" is right for you.

Use new powerful 'HERO Module' to put in even more details. (Blender 4.0+)

Why care about damage?

Realism in CGI hinges on the details—especially the imperfect ones. The OneClick Damage add-on for Blender infuses your models with the essence of reality. From subtle wear on a new wall to the deep scars in ancient ruins, OCD adds the authentic touches that tell a story. Perfect for stone, concrete, or brick structures, it’s your shortcut to creating models that truly resonate with the real world. Make imperfection your asset with OneClick Damage.

Features (Full Version):
  • HERO Module (new): Adds amazing details to objects.
  • Damage Swap: Easily transfers damage effects between objects for consistent damage or noise types.
  • QuickFix: One-click automatic error correction for selected objects.
  • Smart Scaling System: Compatible with any object and unit scale.
  • Smart Pattern Changer: Change noise patterns with a single button.
  • Add-on Preferences: Customize "Damage Resolution" and material assignments.
  • Multi-Selection Feature: Apply damage to multiple objects simultaneously.
  • Instant Visual Feedback: See real-time adjustments on your model.
  • Slim UI: Easy navigation with essential sliders.
  • Procedural Noises: Offers hundreds of unique damage variations.
  • Auto Material Assignment: Smartly assigns materials to damaged areas, with flexibility in material assignment.
  • RECALL: Revert changes or apply new ones even days later.
  • Procedural Approach: Saves time and effort, allowing easy changes without starting over.

NOTE: 'OCD' adds damage by changing the geometry, so always backup your model first, especially for projects. It's key to keeping your work safe.


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twitter: https://twitter.com/vfxguide

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P.S. Even though 'OCD' looks like the "MAKE IT BEAUTIFUL" magic button, it's not. You still need to make design decisions of your own as well as nice texture work. Your results may vary and depend on the object you work with and its shape. If you think 'OCD' doesn't work the way you want it to, try breaking your model into simpler shapes and try again. In some cases, additional work with an object topology may be required.

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Sales 12100+
Customer Ratings 50
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Published over 2 years ago
Blender Version 4.2, 4.1, 4.0, 3.6, 3.5, 3.4, 3.3, 3.2, 3.1, 3.0, 2.93
License GPL
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