Nature Pack

by Alexander in Models

Nature Pack: Easily add nature to your scenes

Nature Pack is an asset that consists of models of nature. The asset is in development, so it means that I will add new models (grass, weeds, rocks, trees) and some extra features (like low-poly models) to it with time.

Why Nature Pack?

For now, Nature Pack consists of 3 different types of grass and 1 weed, but in theĀ future, I will add a lot of new models. With this asset, nature can be made easy. No tiring tweaking or setting up, the asset has pre-made particle systems for grass, so you just need to append them to your scene. You can control its colors by the custom NodeGroups.

Version 1.0:

  • 3 different types of grass
  • 1 type of weed (dandelion)

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