Nature Assets Pack - Trees, Plants & Flowers

by MagicCGIStudios in Models


   Hello my dear friends, here we have a lovely collection for your consideration.

Bring your renders to life with this nature asset pack, great for adding that extra detail to your scene and giving it the wow factor it deserves. 

The Pack contains the following :

Large High Detailed Oak Trees

3 Large Low Detailed Oak Trees ( LOD)

Small High Detailed Trees 

3 Small Low Detailed Trees (LOD)

8 Tall Grass Type Plants - Various Colours

8 Small Grass Type Plants - Various Colours

12 Fern Type Plants -  Various Colours

12 Large Type Leaf Plants - various Colours

12 Long Leaf Type Mixed Plants - Various Colours

16 Flowers - Various Colours, Blooms & Differing inflorescence

The lower detailed (LOD) Trees are great for distance renders where detail is not an issue,....The higher detailed Trees are great for Closer renders where detail does matter

Here are a few example renders to show what is achievable with this pack ( rendered in 2.79 using the Cycles rendering Engine) :

The Leaf colour of the Trees can also be easily changed within the node editor using the highlighted `Leaf_Colour` value to change from Summer to Autumn ( Or anywhere in-between) :




I have really enjoyed creating this product, although very challenging at times, if you decide to purchase i thank you in advance and also you will make a contribution to the Blender Development Fund.

Please read the Documentation provided

Please note : ( These Models are not `images as planes` )

Thank you for your attention