Name Stack

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Name Stack

Whats new in 0.8

  • In panel batch naming has been removed as it caused a high level of confusion, batch naming is done via standard operator now
  • The default location for the panel has been set to Properties Shelf (Adjustable in addon preferences)
  • All panel datablock names are displayed by default
  • Auto name has had its default names changed
  • Auto name now prefixes objects with names rather then replacing the name, default prefixes have been added
  • High dpi support and updates (Addon preferences)
  • Re-versioning of addon in anticipation of the 1.0 rewrite currently being worked on, former 1.7 is now version 0.7 for example

Whats New in 0.7

  • Name Panel has had its default location changed to the properties panel of the 3D view.
  • Batch Name and Auto Name have had their pop-ups slightly cleaned up, in order to improve usability.
  • Name copy has been renamed to Transfer Names.
  • Sort row allowing for better control over sort methods (old sort row now is the count row).
  • Insert text options for the custom name field.
  • Pin/Unpin the Active Bone in the name stack at the top.
  • Batch Name now has cut options, allowing for position based removal of characters.
  • Name Panel's name stack now respects local view in the 3D view.
  • Name Panel now contains quicker find and replace options in the panel.
  • Auto Name now has name count available in the pop-up.
  • Name counting now works with names that contain a suffix after the number.
  • Holding Alt while clicking the Quick Batch button will now open the standard Batch Name operator.
  • Reset option available in all naming operators, defaults can be defined in addon preferences.
  • Datablock panel that displays settings related to the previous icon clicked in the name stack.
  • It is now possible to link to the first name when counting names. 


This addon offers a panel that displays object related datablock names below the object and object data name fields, offering quick access within the 3D View to all available datablock names, along with an occasional option or two, like a mini outliner, in addition there is also another panel offered that displays datablock  options related to the last icon clicked in the name stack.

Filter options are located towards the top of the panels and the panels are located in the property shelf of the 3D view.

This addon is coupled with a series of operators that save a lot of time when renaming datablocks, the operators are as follows;

Auto Name

This operator allows for quickly naming objects and those object's modifiers, constraints, object data and for pose bones; bone constraints. It works by assigning names based on type, the names used are defined by the you and can be saved with your start-up. (Options saved with the current scene)

Batch Name

This operator is the big work horse here, through its various toggle options and input fields you are able to perform find and replace text operations (with regular expression support) to almost all datablock names in the file and control how duplicate names will be numbered. The pop-up is a bit clustered but is fairly straightforward to understand once you use it a time or two, the tool-tips indicate what the option is doing/allowing.

Copy Name

This operator is meant to fulfill the need to transfer names from some object datablocks to others, essentially copying them and pasting to the targets, this is done on a per object basis unless the 'use active object' option is active, which will then transfer the source name from the active object to the selected objects.

Install - Remove

To install or remove the add-on, I recommend that you use Blender's built in add-on install or remove options, please remove any old version of the add-on before updating to the latest if you experience any issues.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions; please reply below.

Please report any bugs here.

Name Panel version 1.0 is actively being developed and this documentation as well as the product page/images will be updated on its release.

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  • Max Puliero almost 2 years ago

    life saver

  • Duarte Ramos almost 2 years ago

    Excellent addon if, like me, you obsessively like keep a neat and tidy scene.
    A must if you often rename objects and follow an some sort of convention for keeping object, materials and other scene element names relevant and up to date.

  • tcwik over 2 years ago

    indeed, Very handy !

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