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MusicA is an addon for Blender created to give you the ability to easily animate everything by using music, sounds and etc. Musica v.1.1 is out here!

How to install:

  • you need to have Blender 2.79 (other versions might work as well, but are untested)
  • then simply install by file, as a usual addon

What is it for:

If you need to create an audiovisualization, or animate anything (especially if you need to animate a lot of objects) the way that it will move, or change according to any sound or music, then this addon is right for you.
Imagine that you need to create animation like this one:You will have to create a lot of duplications of Cube object, and bake sound manually for each object (for example in this animation there are 100 cubes), you will have to setup frequencies and other parameters every time. It will take a lot of your time (maybe several hours), especially if you need more than 100 objects. Now, how can you do the same, but just in minutes: add a Cube scale it and do other things you need, add the keyframes you need and select them in Graph Editor, duplicate the Cube by using Create array button, select all the Cubes, setup parameters for MusicA and press Animate, wait some time (the more objects you animate, the more time it will take), that's all, you can press Alt+A to see the result!

Features (v.1.0):

  • Baking sound to animation for one or several objects
  • You can setup frequencies for each object in two different ways: using Low and High values, or using file where you can write the frequencies for each object
  • Automatically add sound file to Video Sequence Editor (so you will be able to listen that audio file or music while playing the animation)
  • Rename objects according to the values of frequencies applied to them
  • Reverse the order for objects

Update 10.07.2018 (v.1.1):

  • Create animations for curves, like this
  • Create an array of objects with one click (Create array tab)

How to use:
See on Documentation tab

Buy the addon now and get all future releases for free!