Multifunction Plugs For Meshmachine

by Oleg in Models

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  • duthion
    3 months ago

    The plug and the RAR file work perfectly (the last comment worries me a bit)
    Oleg(the creator) just split the rar file(its really common to do that) so what u have to do to unzip them
    -1 download the five .rar part
    -2 unzip the part01.rar or select them all and unzip them. 7zip or unrar will automatically detect the other part and put them together
    -3 create a new library on meshmachine open this library copy past what u unzip
    -4 open just one file and add it to this library meshmahcine(by pressing "y" by default) add to the library > choose the library u just create> meshmachine will detect all the plug already in there

    time to to these action less than 5 minutes

  • Kayron Mercieca
    6 months ago

    These plugs look great but unfortunately some of the RAR files included in the package do not extract properly and the author does not reply, so you only get 1/4 of the plugs advertised as only the first RAR file extracts properly.

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