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  • jacobo 8 months ago

    "We are listening to you! If you have any doubt or suggestion please let us know!".... GFYS!!!!!! >:-(

  • jwise over 1 year ago

    I'm still bitter that I paid $40 for this and it never went anywhere. The developers in my eyes have been a horrible disappointment.

  • royov about 2 years ago

    Its been 4 years...will this ever get out of Beta?

  • haroldyk about 4 years ago

    Very Cool!
    I am a cinema 4d user.
    I was looking for a function similar to Mograph in Blender, but it seems that your add on has fully ported it. Or it could be more .... Anyway it is so cool. I think you will love Blender more because of your add on.!
    I am Korean because I am English.
    I hope you understand. I look forward to more.

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