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Your Gateway to Stunning 3D Natural Environments

Step into a realm of artistic possibilities with Mossify, the go-to moss asset library. Immerse your projects in authenticity with over 100 carefully detailed moss assets, including lush variations, 8 captivating and fully customizable biome presets, and a toolkit of 30+ customizable geometry node setups.

🌱 Nature in Unprecedented Detail:

Dive deep into realism with intricately detailed moss elements that add life and depth to your 3D creations. Mossify works incredibly well up-close due to the custom texturing each asset has been given.

🌐 Explore Diverse Biomes:

Roam through 8 unique biomes, each offering a canvas for your imagination. From enchanting forests to the jungle and mystical landscapes, Mossify provides the backdrop for your creativity. Simply drag and drop them from the library and start your customization process. Whichever biome you may choose, each one has been crafted with care and comes with its own scatter pattern. The setup even allows you to compose your own moss biome by using your desired selection of moss assets from the library. This can create some incredibly diverse biomes with completely unique looks.

ğŸŽ¨ Craft Your Vision:

Unleash your artistic flair with 30+ fully customizable geometry node setups. Tailor the moss elements to fit your project's unique needs and achieve that distinctive touch. You can even use these assets as stand-alone natural assets to enhance your scenic diversity. Each geometry node setup has been crafted to be fully customizable, which means you can even create your desired asset versions before you scatter them in the moss biomes or any other scatter setups you may use.

🌟 For Every 3D Discipline:

Mossify seamlessly fits into various 3D domains, making it the must-have tool for landscape artists, architects, game developers, and more. It contains high-performance assets and with almost every asset comes its high-quality customizable geometry node twin.

Why Choose Mossify?

Mossify goes beyond being just an asset library; it's a doorway to elevate your 3D scenes. With a commitment to realism, creativity, and versatility, Mossify empowers artists to bring their visions to life. It's huge variety of customization options allow you to craft moss biomes that have never been seen before. The library is already large, but with the full version you'll make sure to get every future update and library expansion. As the library expands, the price may increase with it. The goal is to fill the gap in the market and create a huge library for moss and offer full customization for all needs.

Upscale plans

The plan is to create more moss biomes and add stylized assets. Furthermore, the extra assets will be expanded with all types of natural assets that can be used to scatter around in your mossy environment. Most of these will be geometry-node based and therefore individually customizable.

Ready to breathe life into your projects? Dive into a world where nature meets precision with Mossify. Elevate your 3D creations and explore Mossify today!

Available Biomes (with default settings)

Mossify Biome 9 (Snowy) is now available! Release on May 3rd, 2024.

Mossify Biome 8 (Thorny) is available since January 25, 2024.

Adding Mossify To Your Blender

Using Mossify and Customization Options

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