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See front-page for Video (tutorial).  In case you cannot watch the video, here the text of the video: 

This is a pre-release of the MOAS-GEN addon for Blender 2.8x

This addon batch-generates modular parts so you can assemble modular assets. 

In this video I show you the basic usage.   


First, the installation of the addon is like other addons. Download the latest .zip file and in Blender you go to Edit > Preferences > Addons and there you navigate to the .zip file you just downloaded. Press Install, Save Preferences and Refresh.  

Where to find the addon?

You will see a TAB called MOAS in the N-Panel. 

How to start with the MOAS-GEN addon?

Click on the thumbnail Basic, and you will see a few profiles. Then click on one of the profiles.  This will append a few collections into the scene.

If you don't need or want to adjust the profile, then you can click the Create Parts button. Wait for a few seconds and you will see a bunch of modular parts in the scene.  

Before you build assets, let's turn on Snapping on Increment. Turn on Absolute Grid Snap and enable Move, Rotate and Scale.  

Duplicate (Linked)

I suggest you to build assets by duplicate (linked) the objects and move them. You can do this with Alt+D. When you also press Shift+Z then you can move the duplicates on the x-y plane and will stay on the same Z-level. 

Let's try this out with the Floor level assets. By the way, they have the prefix FL in the outliner. 

[Example dragging floor parts]

You can use R, Z to rotate a part on the Z-Axis.  You can also use G, then Shift+Z to move a part around on the x-y plane. 

Join Parts

Once you have assembled parts, you can joint parts if they come from the same profile. Or you can join also other parts but only if the vertices exactly match on the overlapping location. 

To do this, select all the parts and click the button Join Parts in the N-Panel. In some cases joining parts doesn't work. For example when one of the parts has a mirror modifier, or if the vertices doesn't match exactly. In the first case, you can solve this by applying mirror modifiers first.

What about building in Z-Axis?

Before I show you how to make your own profiles, I show you how to work with the parts in Z-level. 

Let's duplicate the straight floor a few times. We select the parts and join them.  Press the slash on the numeric keypad a press 5 then 1. Press TAB to go in Edit mode and press 1 to activate vertex select mode. Toggle X-ray in the viewport menu so you can select vertices that are behind other ones.  Click on one vertex then Press B to box-select.  

Now press the full stop on your keyboard en select Active Element.  

Zoom in, and navigate to a vertex that is exactly on the X-axis. Shift-left click it twice to make it the active vertex.  The vertex becomes white and the other ones orange.   

Zoom out and press G+Z and drag the mouse until you move the parts up exactly one unit or one meter. Press AA to deselect everything. Press b to box select. Select some vertices and press Ctrl+B. You can move the mouse to the left and right to adjust the size of the bevel, and scroll to adjust the amount of edge-loops.  Press TAB to go out of Edit mode, and press the slash on the numeric keypad to go out of local view. 

You see that you can now build your assets in Z-Level. 

Make your own profile and save it 

Now I show you how to adjust a profile. 

Press Ctrl+N to start a new scene. Choose the basic profile and this wil put the profiles into the scene. On your numeric keypad press 5 then 3 to to in Right Ortographic view.  Select the floor profile and press Tab to go in Edit mode. I use a lot the shortcut Ctrl + B to bevel edges. You can also rip edges with Shift+V and then I scale down the face so they will be disconnected clearly from the other faces.  This gives an insert boolean effect as it is called in other addons.  I use also often Ctrl+R to make edgeloops.   

Sometimes you work on one side of a profile and then you can use a mirror modifier to make both sides equal, but don't forget to apply the mirror modifier.  

I will speed up the video for the rest of the profiles.  

If you want to save your profile so it will show up the next time in the preview, then make a render of the profile 500x500 pixels and render it as a .png file. You place this image in the addons folder, NMS folder, Profiles Folder. And you save the blend-file in the same folder.  Give the image and the .blend file the same name. 

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