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  • anjeli 9 months ago

    Lovely addon! So easy to set up with lots of different options to get any kind of terrain you want! And I love the object placement feature that allows you to set up forests really quickly and easily.

    • Diego Gangl 9 months ago

      Thanks Anjeli!

  • Oli Gerber over 1 year ago

    huge help and does a very nice job! really hope it comes to 2.8 :D :D :D

    • Diego Gangl over 1 year ago

      Thanks Oli! It will definitely be there for Blender 2.8 :D

  • Rix Yarbrough almost 2 years ago

    Very cool for generating terrains and setting up particle systems, etc. The dev is actively developing it and will respond within a day if you have questions.

    • Diego Gangl over 1 year ago

      Thanks Rix!

  • matthewwelch over 2 years ago

    An amazing addon that makes it really easy to make lots of landscapes and rocks that look good. The creator responds to messages very quickly and works to fix problems that you find. Anyone who wants makes landscapes or rocks should buy this. I have been able to make landscapes for scenes and games a hundred times faster than I could by hand.

    • Diego Gangl over 1 year ago

      Thanks Matthew, glad you're finding it useful :)

  • scigor over 3 years ago

    Great addon able to create amazing terrains.
    Still lacks some practical features such as "draw" the desired shape of the terrain and manage huge tiled terrains (for game engines).
    Export heightmaps are still a bit buggy and gives weird results if imported in UE4, but it seems that these are fixes and improvements destined for future releases.
    Is missing the ability to apply erosion to already made terrains (mesh), and to create more complex environments.
    But are all planned features, so with such improvements would deserve definitely five stars!

    • Diego Gangl over 1 year ago

      Thanks Scigor! A new engine and more terrain features will be the main forcus for the 4.x series

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