MIG Welder

by Peter Sandbacka in Models

MIG Welding Equipment

This is your everyday welding equipment for all your welding needs. Already used and dirty, so it will fit in nicely in your dirty garage or workplace.


  • Contains materials for Cycles and LuxRender.
  • Textures were created in GIMP and the original xcf files with all layers are included. Each element is kept on a separate layer, allowing you to make quick changes to the textures if needed. For instance the dirt layer can be changed without affecting the base paint color or the scratches.
  • The welder gun, ground clamp, gas cylinder, chain, helmet and the cords and hoses are separate objects to allow easy placement.


Model usage

Appending the model into your scene is straight forward. Simply appending the welder group to the new scene will include all pieces.


The GIMP xcf files have layers for each texture element (dirt, scratches and so on) and are organized in layer groups, one for each texture type (diffuse, roughness and bump).  After making any changes to the layers you export the texture based on the GIMP file name and layer group name. For instance, the diffuse layer group in the 'welder helmet.xcf' is exported as 'welder helmet diffuse.jpg' [GIMP xcf file name] + [layer group name] + .jpg Use File->Export As... in GIMP to export the texture.

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