Medieval Lighting Pack

by Imagine CG Images in Models

Medieval Lighting Pack


Most of the fixtures have the basic Smooth Candle mapped into their texture map set (the only ones without the candle included are the Small Wall Candle, the Torch Sconce and the Lantern)  This means you can use the Smooth Candle with any of the included fixtures, simply apply the same material to the candle.  The other three candles are mapped to their own texture set to allow you some customization room.

Note: the flames are for demonstration purposes only! The material is procedural and won't work outside of Blender, although you could still use the flames for a Blender scene they have limitations and are not good for close up shots.


The included textures are 1k, however very soon I will be uploading several variations of this pack, one with Unity textures bundled and another with 2k & 4k PBR textures.