Master Car Creation in Blender

by CG Masters in Training

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  • Bennie Griffin 17 days ago

    By far the best training course I have come across on car production! Chris Plush's knowledge and workflows are remarkable and outstanding! CG Masters proofs yet again to be one among the Titans!

  • Alwin about 2 months ago

    I'm halfway through chapter one and results are already stunning. I can recommend this to anyone interested in modeling highly detailed, high quality objects. Great job!

  • Luke Hayne 4 months ago

    I haven't started the course yet, I am starting it today. After briefly reviewing a significant proportion of content over the past few days, I can safely say this course has exceeded my expectations. For the price, this course is an absolute bargain and I would recommend it to anyone seeking to improve their hard surface modelling techniques.

  • Maxim 5 months ago

    Just mix in some absolutely awesome and usefull tricks, a guy that completely rocks at using blender and you get this hell of a beat!!!

  • Dominik Tausan 6 months ago

    Great for anyone who wants to learn how to model a car but also some usefull tips for hard surface modelling in general. It is easy to follow and easy to learn

  • beeq 7 months ago

    I'm fairly new to Blender, and english isn't even my native language, but I still have no problems following along. This tutorial comes with subtitles, but his articulation is great so I rarely read them. Amazing stuff!

  • Thibaut 8 months ago

    Great content, every single action is detailed and explained. Also, one doesn't need to follow the entire course linearly, it's made so you can jump forward several chapters and start a new sub-component.

  • Eugenio 8 months ago

    The best car modeling course I ever seen. It's really detailed and clear and the method he explains is effective, efficient and the results are stunning.

  • Arroyo 9 months ago

    Great course, with every step clearly explained. And the car in the end looks amazing!

  • Ponte Ryuurui 10 months ago

    Simply fucking amazing. VERY clear instructions, no retarded nerd digressions, on point and very logically structured, simply world class quality of literally anything that is included in that tutorial. Oh, and the intro / teaser is sick.

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