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What is 'Mangaka!'?

Mangaka! Is a Blenderadd-on that will convert any render into a hand-draw like manga background.

Manga artist spendanywhere from 1hr up to 13 hr into making their backgrounds, having to keepconsistency in details and quality through the whole project. However, withmangaka! The only thing you have to worry about is your 3D scene, the add-onwill take care of drawing for you, and in a matter of seconds, you can havefully detailed background ready to use!

Mangaka! Has a lot ofsetting that will allow you to control exactly how you want your background tolook like, with features like distance culling, tone values, normal sensitivityand much more you are the one that defines the style.

Like a Mangaka

This node was made possible thanks to a lot of hours of investigating how exactly the eye of the Mangaka captures reality. From how to line thickness interacts with Light, to how tones are used to convey emotions, even how Nature is drawn differently to architecture. all of that integrated into an add-on that draws as a Mangaka does.


1 Click Set-up

Click the Draw buttons, and you are good to go.

Easy Controls

control the looks of the end image with simple sliders in the N-panel in the compositor. from tone values to Line thickness and even how sensible to detail the lines and tone application is, you can adapt the Manga converter to your own personal style.

New: apply your own custom nodes

or select one of the defualts

also RGB tones!

Watch the tutorial

Watch it in action!

Check out my Mangas and illustrations at My Pixiv and see it in action (older manga may lack some of the most recent features)

But, How?

Manga Converter integrates an optimized version of Edge Node 1.2.4 made available by Light BWK, Lee Posey, Daniel Kreuter in BNPR (used with authorization) to detect the features in your scene and translate them to edges. Also analyzes the light in your scene and creates a Map that is used to apply screen tones realistically.

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Original Edge Node 1.2.4 :
Light BWK, Lee Posey, Daniel Kreuter from BNPR
"London Fields Station Arch" ( by
artfletch is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution

*not taking in acount render time for cycles engine.


Atention in a future update price may rise

2.1 Fixing a Mistake


Lines Thickes setting


Some settings names


Complete Rewrite of the addon


-distance culling

-RGB Tones

-Customizable Screentones

-three default screentones: 600DPI 60L, 40L, 20L

-Betas (Pure Black) Now in Lines Settings

*known issues: noise remove not working most of the time.

1.3: Last update in a while

Last month I dedicated a lot of time creating, updating and solving problems with the add-on. Now it is in a state where I feel like I can give it a rest, so I can focus on other projects. I loved this process and I will definitively come back and make this add-on even better. But for now, it's pretty good. Of course, if a bug shows up contact me and I will solve it.
also updated the price taking into consideration the amount of time I devoted to this

*added "use nature layer" button, that can easily deactivate the nature layer, so if you don't have any trees in your scene, just uncheck this and you are good to go, no more messing with collections to deactivate it
*added, "remove Manga Converter". This button removes the Nature View Layer and also the node group.
*added Icons to Buttons

1.2: UI Update

*better UI, now with separated panels and better descriptions, and overall more tidy

*added Tone brighness sensibility for more control over really dark scenes

*optimized code with better register process

1.1:First Bug

*Fixed problem with UI Panel not drawing lines options in localised languages

1.0: Release version.

Sales 300+
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Published 6 months ago
Software Version 2.9, 2.91, 2.92, 2.93, 3.0
License Royalty Free
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