Mammoth | Leather Sofa

by Benianus 3d in Models

Mammoth is a tufted two-seater leather sofa.‎

The Mammoth Sofa by Rune Krøjgaard and Knut Bendik Humlevik is an elegant piece of furniture with the comfort of a lounge chair but the size to fit at least two people.‎ The welcoming wings provide a sense of privacy and serenity, making the Mammoth Sofa perfect for public spaces, hotel lobbies and modern workspaces.‎
The sofa pairs well with the Mammoth Chair offering numerous possibilities of creating smart, intimate interiors with a warm and welcoming appeal.‎ The Mammoth Sofa is hand-crafted with a solid oak frame and seat and back of laminated oak veneer.‎

Model made with blender 2.8x and above
- Inspired by Fredericia manufacturer
- high-quality model and 4K textures
- Uv unwrapped non-overlapping