Lowres Trees For Videogames

by Blender High School in Models

19 tree species

3 unwrapped model each

Low Poly resolution

Realistic materials

Texture set for PBR materials (Diffuse, AO, Transparency, Roughness, Specular, Height Map, Normal Map)

*.blend and *.fbx files for each model

*fbx with Y axis up

Easy to import in any game engine (Unreal Engine 4, Unity 3D, S2 Engine, Godot...).

Tree  species: Acacia, Bamboo, Banana, Beech, Birch, Cactus, Coconut Palm, Curly Palm, Dat Palm, Elm, Fir, Flower Tile, Joshua Tree, Juniper, Maple, Oak, Old Tree, Spruce, Willow.